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TerraViva has officially released the complete list of awarded projects of the “Rural Housing” design contest.

The challenge of this competition was to define new ways of living in the Italian countryside through the adaptive reuse of a traditional “Cascina”. The main goal was to transform this historical complex into contemporary homes immersed in the landscape. Participants were therefore encouraged to imagine a complete renovation of the disused farmhouse with the ambition of enhancing its most characteristic features.

The winning proposals successfully re-established connections between the existing structures using various design techniques. Some emphasised the significance of the traditional open space known as the “Aia,” highlighting its role as a core for social interaction and cohesion, while others integrated landscape and circulation elements to facilitate a more fluid relationship between the various buildings.

Attention to details and the subtle incorporation of contemporary materials were common features in most of the award-winning submissions. Furthermore, some designs demonstrated creative experimentation by combining common functions and activities tailored to potential new residents.

TerraViva thanks all the competitors for participating in the Rural Housing competition!

Organized by TerraViva, the competition was open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers and anyone interested in the fields of design and architecture.

The winners were selected by an international jury panel composed by:
– Simona Galateo| #S11 (Milan, Italy)
– Philip Kolevsohn| ATOMAA (Cape Town, South Africa)
– Maria Virginia Theilig| FAPyD (Rosario, Argentina)
– Octavio Montestruque Bisso | Andes (Lima, Perú)
– Coraly Mazzucchelli | Eckersley O’callaghan (Paris, France)
– Danilo Sironi| One Works (Milan, Italy)
– Franca Carassai | Campbell Cadey (London, United Kingdom)
– Yuri Rocco| METROGRAMMA (Rome, Italy)




“Ciò per amor”
Corrado Kay Hwa Severino, Luca Quadro, Jacopo Leccia, Giorgio Martellono
Taiwan – Italy


“Rural Housing: The adaptive reuse of an italian ”cascina””
Soufien Benmehdi


“Cascina Lossano. A red thread to relieve the sociality of the rural house”
Vittorio Elli, Andrea Caglio, Andrea Erbetta, Luca Vasapollo, Antonio Usuelli Bacchitta



Mateus Tedeschi, Alan
Claudia Mencarelli, Roberto Montisano, Beatrice Maggi

“Cascina Lossano, an adaptative reuse of an Italian heritage”
Lucas David


Laura Faloughi, Romy Faisal, Luca Luporini, Vasco Giovannoni
Lebanon – Italy

“Peace of Italy”
Csaba Póra, Mihály Fazekas, Tamás Zalai

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Date: October 16, 2023