Results: ” SYRIA ” 24H Competition 9th edition

The ninth edition of  24H Competition focused on the complex situation of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, which has had an upsurge in mainstream media coverage in recent months. Participants were assigned with the interesting task of designing a tower for refugee individuals and families to serve as social housing. The prompt wanted to challenge the notion that towers, which are typically associated with capitalism and the economic elite, could be used to aid those in need. Towers had to be based in each participant’s home country, and it needed to provide essential housing amenities and support for healthcare and employment.

Check out the winning projects below.

1st prize
Project by: Patryk Slusarski  /Netherlands/
(Gate of Europe)

Jury comments:

“Avoiding the fraught, ‘othering’ monumentality of building a tower for refugees, the proposed modular and adaptable system is nimble enough to suit the shifting needs of refugees as they are progressively integrated into Dutch society, as well as when they are able to head back home.” — Amelia Taylor-Hochberg

“This proposal has everything that is required in a winner panel: Graphic design, idea, representation, organization and composition. The use of the containers is not a new idea but in this case it the best option to a real and fast action.” — Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo Sancho

“Gate of Europe is a reasonable and rational decision allows to solve the refugee problem, really and operatively. It gives the opportunity to manufacture same types of modules for housing quickly on an industrial scale. The whole cycle is well thought out: the evacuation of refugees, their adaptation and integration into native society. The system is very flexible and scalable. It is easy to transform and reallocate if necessary. Depending on situation, possible various configuration at different times. In the initial stage the modules can be assembled into a tower. The Tower is subject of this competition, it is ideal for the first stage, when refugees need to adapt and settle familiar for them society. But if refugees will remain to live in the tower, they will not have any incentive to assimilate and learn the language. The authors of this project have provided a solution to this problem. After adaptation modules can be distributed around the city for the integration of refugees into society. This will prevent the creation of closed from the outside world community, which is very important. Also, the authors have thought and post-conflict usage. It is very sensible and functional design.” — Maria Malitskaya

2nd prize
 Project by: Dominika Nikiel, Dagmara Romaniak, Anna Sienko /Poland/
(In SIDE Out)

Jury comments:

“A proposal that strives for concern the integration both of the structure in the urban area and the people in the hosting town itself, as through the way the different services are organised and disposed this proposal assumes itself facilitator of a rapprochement between the Syrian culture and the host culture. It is undoubtedly an efficient and original proposal on the way the structure is organised and, in particular, by the balance between functionality and aesthetic dimension of the project.” — João Mesquita

“This is a very simple proposal. And simplicity can sometimes be misinterpreted. It is a very laconic project that seeks to assume an identity and own character in a vertical configuration building. The element of greatest interest is the ground floor foundation that aims to double the public space through a suspended square that is articulated with a commercial shopping environment that seeks inspiration in a traditional souq.” — Tiago Mota

“The relatively simple ‘side’ slant elegantly distinguishes the structure within the cityscape, making it recognizable but not imposing. Devoting the entirety of the space to social and cultural programming, with residential facilities outsourced into the city, focuses on what the city can and must offer refugees, and prioritizes residential integration over one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all social infrastructure.” — Amelia Taylor-Hochberg

3rd prize
Project by: Austeja Judzentyte, William Mackey /Denmark/
(North Spire)

Jury comments:

“It is a simple no-risking proposal but it is very real and effective. Nowadays the use of churches is taking importance in our times to become a new point of meeting in others ways that not only for praying.” — Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo Sancho

“Probably the most original and provocative/disruptive proposal! Owner of a tremendous symbolic value and a valuable potential for social advocacy/education on the promotion of inter-­‐religious dialogue and tolerance. It is also an example of urban integration and complement of the existing metropolis. Still, it is at the same time a risky project, since it would require a delicate preparatory work of community awareness to prevent a deepening of the associated prejudices and stereotypes of the religious differences.” — João Mesquita

“Uncommon, provocative and philosophical project, which is able to cause a violent reaction of society. The authors propose to finish the North spire of the Stephansdom Cathedral in Vienna, with placing the refugees centre in it. Instead of being isolated from refugees, the authors want to settle them in the heart of their city. In this decision theysee the solution of the problem of refugees integration and completion the visage of the city. There are the contrast of historic and modern architecture, the combination of two cultures and the juxtaposition of two religions in one structure. All this isa vivid challenge to society and is reminiscent of a social experiment with unpredictable consequences. This project is very contradictory, but such projects as this must be shown, so they are able to draw attention to the acute problem of refugees.” — Maria Malitskaya

Honorable Mentions:

ID000170 – Team: Giuseppe Carosini, Aleksandra Gojnic City: Milano, Country: Italy

ID0001030 – Team: Luca Gilardoni, Bice Ghetti, Francesca Ripamonti, Matteo Lazzari, Stefano Pavia City: Milano, Country: Italy

ID0001130 – Team: Anvar Garipov, Radmir Gelmutdinov, Alexandr Nuzhdin City: Yekaterinburg, Country: Russian Federation

ID000980 – Team: Filer Octavian, Istrate Andreea, Savu Bianca, Tutelca Sonia City: Bragadiru Country: Romania

ID000320 – Team: Javier Peláez, Elena Gámez City: Alcorcón, Country: Spain

ID000960 – Team: Eslam Sayed, Eslam Mashtooly, Tahseen Tahseen, Ahmed Sayed, Nadeem Mohamed City: Dubai, Country: United Arab Emirates

ID000260 – Team: Piotr Pasierbinski, Ewa Sroczynska City: Krakow, Country: Poland

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Date: January 12, 2016