titicaca chapel

Results: Titicaca Chapel Competition | Quechua Architecture Competition

Quechua Architecture Competition, Q.A.C., thanks all participants for taking part of this challenge which consists in presenting and developing a project that explores diverse fields of thinking and design. The challenge for this occasion was “TITICACA CHAPEL”.
There were many outstanding submissions. The jury panel consisted of Abraham Cota Paredes, Patricia Llosa, Felipe Muller have chosen three Winners,  twelve Finalists and awarded six teams with Honorable Mentions.

titicaca chapel

In any corner of the world where there is a civilization, you can find a sacred place related to the expression of its faith. Further to the various forms of expression of each culture, its identity is defined by its constructions. Temples, Pyramids, Cathedrals, Mosques, Synagogues, Pagodas, Basilicas, Chapels, etc., are some of the masterpieces that express something beyond humanity, the divine.

TITICACA CHAPEL is a sacred place, designed for the faith of the world to be freely expressed. A place that can welcome visitors from all over the planet and through its energy provide an intimate place for reflection and meditation. A multi-cult space that understands the conditions of the site and defines the characteristics of the divine.

The island of the sun, located on Lake Titicaca, has been a place of settlement for numerous cultures. In this sacred place exists more than 180 Inca ruins, and it is considered the birthplace of the Inca culture. Currently, the Island of the Sun is visited by travelers from all over the world who seek to find in its history a place of encounter, meditation, reflection, and faith for humanity.

Q.A.C. thanks and admires all designers who were willing to take the challenge. We would like congratulate all awarded teams as well!




“Andes Award”

Roberto González, Emilio Padilla



“Titicaca Award”

Maxime Matuszezak, Jules Bergé, Xavier Poulain, Jacob Durand
(Switzerland – France)


“Chimborazo Award”

Giovanni Cavaglion, Mingshu Huang, Emanuele Cavaglion


Daniel Viteri


    José Francisco Pérez Sánchez, José María Zavala Achell, Héctor Alejandro Martínez Mota


 Javier Miranda Espada, Alvaro Taboada Espada


Aitor Echeverría, Juan Anchorena, Ezequiel Campelo


 Zheng Jiawei, Zhu Lixuan


Mari Paz Rodriguez, Maria Gracia Borja, Jorge Durán, Francisco Cueva



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Date: August 2, 2021