YAC – Young Architects Competitions – announce the winners of Common Ruins, a competition of ideas  that was launched last winter in order to breath a new life into an abandoned fortress in France, in the Loire Valley. 

There was a total cash prize of € 20,000 to reward to the winner projects: the 1st prize of € 10,000 has been awarded to the Japanese team “D-D-D”, the 2nd prize of € 4,000 to the Italian team “Blonde Architects” and the 3rd prize of € 2,000 to the Iranian team “Parisa Davoudi-Ali Habibianfar”. The 4 Gold Mentions, of € 1,000 each, have been assigned to the Portuguese team: “Mesa atelier”, to the Italian team “A2A” to the Russian teams “AI Architects” and “ Victoria Tsygankova”. 10 Honorable Mentions and 30 Finalist Mentions follow up as the completion of this huge and international podium.


1st prize

Hiroshi Toda, Mitsuki Shibairi, Kahara Mori
/ Team D-D-D /

architecture competition results

2nd prize

Andrea Carpentieri
Blonde Architects /

architecture competition results

3rd prize

Pirooz Shadanpour, Ali Habibianfar, Parisa Davoudi
Parisa Davoudi-Ali Habibianfar /

architecture competition results

Gold Mention

João Varela, Ana Santos, João Tavares, Paulo Dias
Mesa atelier /

architecture competition winners

Gold Mention

Andrea Fortunati, Angela Posse
Team A2A /

architecture students competition winners

Gold Mention

Ivan Kolmanok, Tomashenko Alexandr, Alexander Sokolov, Yuriy Sheredega, Mariia Pakhomova, Anastasia Belenko, Andrew Likhachev
AI Architects /

design competition winners

Gold Mention

Victoria Tsygankova
Team Victoria Tsygankova /

Gold_Victoria Tsygankova

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Date: October 13, 2019