Submission: March 13, 2022
Registration: March 10, 2022
Language: English
Location: India
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open to citizens of India


We welcome all to partake in the revitalization of an airplane. The challenge here is to ideate a strategic function that best utilizes the abandoned airplane and justify it in its context. The site is in Khopoli, Maharashtra, a small industrial town near Mumbai. This town also exhibits many tourist spots and resorts for weekend getaways for people living in and near Mumbai.


“What would you do with an old and empty airplane? Would you tear it down, leave it abandoned, or could you transform it into something new?”

For ages, infrastructure has been an integral part of humanity’s development. Every component has a valuable life, which must be repurposed to continue a cycle.
The air transportation industry heavily relies on a large chunk of this infrastructure. Airplanes have proved to humanity how a sector can achieve the unimaginable with remarkable progress.
However, when these airplanes turn non-functional, they become redundant and a piece of junk. Most of these airplanes are not scrapped off appropriately and thus abandoned. Nevertheless, they hold the potential to be turned into meaningful spaces.


For many years there has been a discarded airplane parked in the fields of Khopoli. The Boeing 737 (Flight S2-226) of Air Sahara, which took off from the Mumbai airport runway on October 9, 2005, is now parked in Nishiland Water Park in Khopoli as a tourist attraction. The owners of the Water Park bought the plane for a stunning one crore rupees. After a few minor repairs, the airplane featured air conditioning and a stairwell that climbs up to the upper deck. Following the water park’s bankruptcy, the plane today sits empty with bird nests in its turbine.


Participants can choose to deconstruct the physical form of the plan but are expected to stay true to the core idea of the brief. Participants are free to allocate any function/s of their choice to the plane and/or alter its structure with proper justification and intent. The participants are also free to change the site and reimagine the context according to their choice. This change, if done, must be a relevant part in the narrative with proper justification. However, the same model of the airplane (Boeing 737-800) must be used as given in the 3D model.

The program can follow a dynamic context that differs between participants however the actual site is strictly restricted to the plane itself and areas specified in the given drawing.


Total 15 Certifications will be given out: Top 3 + 12 Honorable Mentions

Cash Prizes worth 50,000 Rs
1 st Prize – 25,000 Rs
2 nd Prize – 15,000 Rs
3 rd Prize – 10,000 Rs

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