notre dame architecture competition


Submission: September 04, 2019
Registration: September 04, 2019
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Paris, France
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Under the Paris night of April 15, televisions and social networks, so the Notre-Dame cathedral is observed by the whole planet. The history of the city conserves Notre-Dame. A city that will never be like before, but that raises several questions:

Is this global disaster an opportunity to collectively rethink the role of heritage in today’s culture? Are these great monuments, a system of immunity of cities against a culture of waste and immediate obsolescence? What is the dialogue that can be established between the past and contemporary architectures?

Rethinking Notre-Dame seeks to rethink the ways of intervening to establish a dialogue between the spaces of the past and the ways of life of the present. The contest seeks to reactivate Notre Dame, articulating its heritage and cultural values with contemporary habitability. For this, there is no single vision like rehabilitating Notre Dame. That is why three categories are proposed in which the forms of intervention, CONSERVATION, SUSTAINABILITY and INSTALLATION can be used.


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