rethinking somes urban planning competition

RETHINKING SOMEȘ Architecture Competition

Submission: September 25, 2017
Registration: September 25, 2017
Language: English
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, 2nd Prize: 60.000 RON, 3rd Prize: 30.000 RON, Honorable Mention: 15.000 RON
Type: Open, One-phase Competition


The meaning of this contest derives from the need to reconsider the presence of River Someşul Mic in the future development of the city as a result of insufficient recognition of the present uses of the river’s potential for the city, its inhabitants and visitors. The specific complexity implied by the relationship of the city with the “Someş of the future” in a long-term perspective determined the initiation to organize this competition aimed at valuing the benefits that this river brings to the city by conceptual reshaping of the waterfront, highlighting its landscape and ecological value and, at the same time, identifying the vocation of this natural city axis to transform the public spaces which it crosses by developing specific functions in the neighborhood of the watercourse.

Following this contest, the promoter will contract the development of PIDU Someşul Mic and complete design services for the two areas proposed for detailing (v.2.1.3) with the winning team.
The design competition promoter is the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, which is the administrator of the objective and the owner of the areas which will be subject to investment, and which will become the beneficiary of the project contracted as a result of this contest.

The organizer of the contest is The Romanian Chamber of Architects through the Transylvanian Territorial Branch, in partnership with The Romanian Chamber of Architects.


The candidates can be organized as private architecture offices, groups of private architecture offices, private architecture firms, or any other legal entities qualified to provide architectural services, according to the national laws of their country of origin, or as legal entities (design firms) in Romania or other countries, whether individual or joint ventures. For joint ventures, the leader of each joint venture shall register the project in the Competition.

The candidates entering the Competition as legal entities shall have as associate or employee a qualified chartered architect, member of the Order of Architects of Romania or of a similar organization in his or her country of origin, legally practicing and having the required qualification as architect, in compliance with the national legislation of his or her country of origin. The candidates, whether individually or as joint ventures, must have the legal capacity of concluding a design services contract in Romania, which will have to be proven to the Promoter, should they win the Competition.

It is recommended that other specialists are consulted and included in the team, such as: hydrotechnical engineer, landscape designer, building engineer, sociologist.

For further contracting of the competition, it is necessary to make a multi-disciplinary, complex team to add to the expertise of the architects, urban designers and landscape designers the expertise of the hydrotechnical engineers, artists, sociologists, specialists in public area issues, biologists, geographers, environmental engineers, specialists in real estate development, anthropologists, etc.

The following persons are excluded from participation in the Competition:
1. Jury members and deputy members;
2. The professional and technical Consultant of the Competition;
3. Members of the Technical Committee;
4. Members of the Competition Secretariat;
5. Members of the team drawing up the theme and Competition Rules, including the specialized consultants;
6. The Promoter;
7. Members of the Management Board of the Order of Architects of Romania;
8. Relatives of the persons mentioned in sections 1-7 above, up to the third degree of relationship;
9. Any other persons who are reasonably or factually presumed of having an interest, directly or indirectly, whether personal, financial, economic or otherwise, or who are in a situation likely to affect their independence or impartiality during the assessment process and those established as being in conflict of interests according to the provisions of Law 98/2016”.


Registration in the Competition can be done over the whole period of the Competition.

The candidates have at their disposal the following registration procedure: registration on the webpage dedicated to the Competition,

The registration enables the candidate to receive answers to the questions, and newsletters regarding the running of the Competition.

Registration does not make it a condition of participation in the Competition.


The projects shall be handed over personally, or mailed by courier to the Secretariat headquarters.

The time limit (date and hour) for submitting the projects to the Competition Secretariat, either by personal handover or by courier, is the one indicated in the Competition schedule. The exceed of the time limit shall lead to the rejection of the offer.

The projects mailed by courier shall be shipped having in view the same time limit for submission, according to the competition schedule. The candidates shall send the projects against notice of receipt. The candidates shall ensure that the shipment date and time are marked on the package/tube, and that they will reach the headquarters of the Competition Secretariat by the time limit indicated in the competition schedule. The projects which arrive after the time provided for in the competition schedule shall be rejected and the authors shall be notified within 24 hours.

After a project is handed over, the drawings, the envelope, or the memory stick cannot be supplemented or replaced.

Should a candidate request the withdrawal of the handed over project, that is allowed only by the time limit for submission indicated in the competition schedule, and after the withdrawal minutes are drafted.

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