Submission: November 18, 2015
Registration: November 18, 2015
Language: English, Italian
Location: Corviale, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize: 100,000€, 2nd Prize: 35,000€, 3rd Prize: 23,000€
Type: Restricted


RIGENERARE CORVIALE is an international design competition announced by ATER ROMA – Azienda Territoriale per l’Edilizia Residenziale del Comune di Roma (Territorial Housing Company of the Municipality of Rome) – sponsored and financed by Regione Lazio.

The objective is to acquire solutions and proposals which, in a comparison open to the international world of architecture, are of reference in the definition of the general guidelines on the subjects of urban regeneration which reopen a reflection on the public city by putting together the subjects of the physical and social city.

The competition intends to collect and select design proposals to modify the system of communal areas of the main structure of the building complex of Corviale in order to achieve a new and better urban and spatial quality, and better liveability and safety for the inhabitants, along all the horizontal and vertical connections.

Therefore, the building’s connection to the ground, which includes the ground floor and the garage level, must mainly be redesigned by rethinking all the urban connections. It will be possible to relocate all or part of the cellars and parking spaces in equal measure. The roof may also be part of the intervention to optimize its potential for producing energy and becoming a resource also of spaces and equipment for the common use of the inhabitants and to possibly locate the structures moved from the ground floor. Work may also be carried out in all or in part in the garage level to provide better access to the secondary staircases and create transversal reconnection spaces. The exterior areas owned by ATER or available to the public (roads or public green spaces) can be involved in the project within the limits of current regulations.

The project must not involve the flats and subsequent work will be carried out without moving the assignees.

The resources available for a first phase of work, which must however concern a first operational phase completed and extended to the entire complex, is 7.2 million euro.

For all additional interventions anticipated by the project, a maximum estimate must be indicated for the possible completion.

ATER, in agreement with Regione Lazio, may approve a programme for the total regeneration of the entire complex it owns, to be carried out over an appropriate period of time and upon completion of what is anticipated by the main themes of the competition already financed.

The competition documentation can all be downloaded from the individual sections.

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