Rocket Tigerli The worlds tallest residential high-risebuildingin wood

Rocket & Tigerli: The world’s tallest residential high-risebuildingin wood

Submission: November 19, 2021
Registration: June 24, 2021
Language: German
Location: Lokstadt
Prizes: Please see detail below
Type: Limited, Professional


In the Lokstadt (former industrial area of the SLM), a new versatile and sustainable part of the city is being created in the center of Winterthur. In this urban context, many new elementsare being developed, from various residential forms, offices, co-working and hotel to gastronomy and retail.

The identity of this historic site will be preserved, among other things, by means of valuable listed halls and generousopen spaces. Three new high-rise buildings with heights of 35 m, 50 m and up to 100 m are also being built, as well as unique townhouses that reinterpretthe town house typology of the old town.


According to the design plan, a total floor area (aGF) of 34’500m2can be realized on site4b. The “Tigerli” base building comprises 17’500m2(aGF) space and may reach a maximum total height of 23 meters. A further 17’000m2(aGF)and a total height of max. 100 m are available for the construction of the “Rocket” high-rise building. The masterplan allows a residential share of 100 %.

In the “Rocket” high-rise residential building, a large number of differentrental apartments are planned in order to address as many target groups as possible in the greater Winterthur area. The “Tigerli” base building will contain non-profit housing witha focus on large and communicative family apartments. The “Tigerli” is also intended to serve Winterthur as an educational location with student housing. Furthermore, the hotel use of the Lokstadt halls is to be expanded intothe “Tigerli” and connected to the Lokstadt halls by means of a covered industrial sky walk.

Limited competition with prequalification

With this invitation for a RFQ, eight architectural firms are being sought for participation in the digital competition. The involvement of expert planners and/or specialists (in particular civil engineers and building technicians) and the formation of working partnerships is permitted; multiple applications are excluded. The limited competi-tionis not anonymous.


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