jinfang competition

Rural Space Design Competition of Jinfang, Anning

Submission: September 01, 2019
Registration: September 01, 2019
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


As an architect, we invite you to explore together from the perspective of architecture: What is the public space belonging to the local residents? What is a public space suitable for the integration of foreign residents and indigenous people? This time we chose three Spaces: library, homestay and vegetable market to explore the relationship between space and people. An architectural space, a merging behavior, a common pattern. When two groups communicate, we expect a “collision of equals.” In the set space, conduct a fusion, a village melt.

In China, villages with rich historical and cultural resources and beautiful natural environment may only account for 5% of the total. And along with the rural construction,95% of the ordinary countryside, no culture, no history, no architecture,This is the rural construction must faced. Most of the capital intervention we see in the countryside today is accommodation combined with experience,The considering condition that intervenes mostly also is travel destination, life experience and so on. This names such as the moon village, yuanjia village, xueshan village,are familiar to all of us, but it just 5% of Chinese countryside.

Project Area Introduction

When it comes to hot springs in kunming, it must be anning. Anning hot spring, known as bi yu quan in ancient times, spring on the mountainside, like a jade belt to run the mountains, is  famous as “the first soup in the world”. Jinfang street is located in the southeast and one of the city center of anning, anning is 30 kilometers away from kunming, which has better geographical location and advantages. Dianju village belongs to siyi village committee of jinfang sub-district office, which is located in mid-levels district. Located in the 15-minute traffic radiation circle of anning city, the village south to 203 township road and new south ring road (under construction), the traffic is very convenient. As a key project of jinfang sub-district’s 12th five-year plan, agricultural eco-tourism and sightseeing road runs through Dianju village.

According to the industrial planning pattern of “one village, one product, one characteristic”, the Dianju village team is focusing on large-scale planting. The village owns 2300 mu of forest land, including 2143 mu of natural forest land, 157 mu of economic fruit land such as red pear land, 0.6 mu of economic fruit land per capita, and nearly 200 mu of vegetable plantation. Now it is planning to plant shallow lotus root with ornamental and high economic value along the tourist road, gradually forming a contiguous landscape line.

Meanwhile, gudeyi village, jinfang street, anning city, has successfully obtained the trademark of anning warped green onion geographical indication. It will build a base of leisure food featured in the landscape of mantis river, centering on historical stories such as salt-roasted duck with warped green onion as supplementary ingredients, mantis river fish, dry-pan chicken and so on. In the future, anning jinfang will combine the local characteristics of kunming to form a multi-format short-distance travel gathering place with village as the main and culture as the auxiliary, attracting more and more returning young people, artists and living families.

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