Ryterna Modul Architectural Challenge 2022: Cycling Tourism Complex

Submission: November 28, 2022
Registration: November 21, 2022
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Cycling in general is now gaining speed, in some countries it’s not only a leisure transport, but way of life (think of The Netherlands and Denmark). But extending our of these two countries, we see, that cycling is in general increasing, it is no longer only “ride to the city”, but even more, ride to a different country, or ride a cross my own country. Technologies allows us to travel quicker, faster and in relative comfort compered to bikes that used 20-30 years ago.

So this year we decided to focus on cyclist. and derived with the task:

To create a complex for cyclist travelers for a short stopover or even an overnight stay. The complex should have a bicycle repair area, a cafe or fast-food restaurant, accommodation (hostel and private type), and sanitary facilities for both passing cyclists and those staying overnight in hostel rooms.

The three winning projects will be awarded the main prize

I  place – 1 200 EUR

II  place – 600 EUR

III  place – 300 EUR

Competition dates

End of registration by 2022 November 21th

Submission of the final work – 2022 November 28th (23:59 EET/UTC+2h)

Competition results announcement: 2022 December  19th


Andrius Orlovas (JSC “Ryterna modul“ board member)

Arūnas Visockas (JSC “Ryterna modul“ CEO)

Donatas Cesiulis (architect at “Sprik”, Ryterna modul competition 3rd place winner 2014 and 2015 (Vilnius, LT))

Ernest Shtepani (PhD in Architecture; Currently lecturing at Metropolitan University of Tirana (Tirana, AL))

Tomas Skripkiūnas (architect and PhD candidate at KTU (Kaunas, LT))

Kęstutis Vaikšnoras (architect/lecturer at “Dvieju grupe“ (Kaunas, LT))

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