SBE16 SEOUL International Student Design Competition

Submission: December 02, 2016
Registration: December 02, 2016
Language: English
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: US $5,000, 2nd Prize: US $2,000, 3rd Prize: US $1,000
Type: Open


One can never emphasize too much the importance of air.  Recently, Seoul and its vicinity and provincial areas has been plagued by air pollution, specifically fine dust and ultrafine particles, where the nation’s permissible levels are double those the World Health Organization recommends.  The latest air pollution crisis in Korea is putting people at unease due to health risks.  Aside from the government addressing the issue with appropriate countermeasures, could architects design buildings which can clean air?

The main goal of the international competition, sponsored by Sustainable Building Technology & Urban Development, is to solicit new innovative architectural and urbanistic ideas dealing with air pollution and ways of cleaning air. The competition expects to generate thoughtful and provocative ideas for a densely populated city like Seoul, which underwent rapid population growth and increasing urbanization.  A design challenge for the competition is to propose a sustainable design solution, ranging from urban to architectural scale. The ideal proposals shall address and challenge key concepts regarding air pollution, environmental sustainability, and technical challenges.


Undergraduate and graduate students from any universities or schools including 2-year colleges are eligible to participate in the competition.

Entries will be accepted for individual as well as team solutions. Teams must be limited to a maximum of 5 individuals.

Competition Organizers encourage applicants to make interdisciplinary design teams particularly covering architecture, urban design and planning, landscape design, interior design, agriculture, ecology, sociology, and any related engineering fields.

Each applicant must to submit the scanned file of official enrollment certificate written in English, or the scanned file of original certificate with an attachment translated in English by the applicant when the final submission will be sent. PDF file format is preferred for the scanned file of documents, and the scanned file name should be applicant’s name.


Question Deadline: October 21, 2016

All questions on the competition should be sent to Competition Secretary (sbecompetition@gmail.com) via email only.

All representative applicants will be notified of all answers and additional information for competition via registered email and competition website by October 31st, 2016.

Submission Deadline: December 2, 2016     7:00PM (KOREAN STANDARD TIME, GMT+09)

All entrants are required to submit the final materials and documents. They must be uploaded through the compe- tition website at http://www.sbe16seoul.org/.

Winner Announced: December 9, 2016

Winner Announcement will be posted on the website http://www.sbe16seoul.org/ and winners will be notified via email directly.


First Prize (One Winner)

Cash Prize of $5,000 USD with a Certificate of Award.

Second Place Prize (One Winner)

Cash Prize of $2,000 USD with a Certificate of Award.

Third Place Prize (Two Winners)

Cash Prize of $1,000 USD with a Certificate of Award ea.

Honorable Mention (Ten Winners)

A Certificate of Award.

All awarded works will be displayed during the period of SB16 Seoul International Conference from December 11 ~ 14, 2016. For more detailed information on SB16 Conference, refer to the official website www.sbe16seoul.org


Submissions will be evaluated based on the design solution’s response to the following considerations and quality of integration with each other:

Ÿ   Creative Idea

Ÿ   Innovative Design Approach

Ÿ   Sustainability

Ÿ   Social Life Style and Urbanism


Entrants must upload their submissions through the Competition website.

1. Official language of the Competition is English and High Resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) is preferred for digital submission.

2. Submit one A1-sized pdf (Landscape) file with four-digit registration number on top right corner of the board.  Refer to Panel Example.  Registration number is give at the time of registration.  File must not exceed 20MB.

3. Submit one-page A4 format project description.

4. The names of students, their schools, or any identification must NOT appear on the boards.

The Competition Organizers reserve the right to keep, display and publish any of the submitted materials with proper attribution. The applicants will retain the ownership of their design.

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Date: October 13, 2016