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School of Thought – School that redefines learning

Submission: April 28, 2020
Registration: April 18, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below 
Type: Open


Education is a form of absorbing and inculcating knowledge, of which learning is an integral part. Over the years, education has evolved into a system and has been organized and re-written innumerable times to a point where it has now it is majorly constrained to classroom teaching focused on academic learning.

The idea of hands-on experience and vocational training is still not a vital part of the curriculum for the majority of the schools and educational systems around the world. The ability of self-learning and creative thinking are automatically curbed due to this method of teaching, making education, not at par with the current requirement set. The need for cognitive, technological, social and emotional skills is growing, while physical, manual and basic cognitive skills will decline.

Are the curriculum and physical environment of school preparing the children for this?


Brief: To address the transition in the curriculum from only academic-oriented learning to one that infuses an innovative model, the physical built environment needs an upgrade. The challenge here is to design a high school where space itself instigates this ideology.

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