SCIENCE CENTRE _ International Arch. Comp.

Submission: December 20, 2018
Registration: December 20, 2018
Language: English, Slovene
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Project Competition


The subject of the competition is the “Science centre” complex and a survey solution of the wider area. The new “Science Centre” in Ljubljana (Slovenia, EU) will be a demonstration building aimed at promoting and popularising science, research, technology, innovation and learning through experiments and demonstrations of the achievements of science, economy and culture.

The “Science Centre” shall represent the interdisciplinary demonstration object and enable testing and presentation of new technological solutions or innovations, it shall be technologically advanced and innovative, a building, which will enable the placement of the latest technology and systems during and after its construction and it shall be designed as an evolving building throughout a longer period of its life cycle. The winning competitor (business entity) will be offered the production of project documentation for the centre.


1st prize_ €36,000

2ed prize_€23,000

3ed prize_€14,000

3 awards and 24 compensations


You are warmly invited to take part in this international architectural competition!

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