Sensory Museum Design Competition -2023

Submission: 18th August 2023
Registration: 31st July 2023
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Design


Archiol has organized this second edition of the Sensory Museum design competition to understand the possibilities sensory architecture design.

“Architecture is about an entire experience. All the senses that are stimulated are vectors of that architecture.” – Asif Khan

Architecture is an integral part of our existence; it plays a significant role in developing human behavior. Architectural spaces have the power to affect the human mind positively or negatively. Which are the design elements that distinguish the positive and negative architectural spaces? This competition aims to bring forward the importance of architecture in our life.

“Thinking holistically about the sensorial experience of a space is essential to establishing meaningful relationships between architecture and user. In many ways, architecture operates as a framing device, outlining spaces for life to happen. The possibilities and shape of that life really become palpable when the material of the senses — sounds, textures and smell — fills that frame.” – David Adjaye

Design a museum that takes you through a journey of self-realization with the help of architectural spaces. Design a museum, a collection of architectural spaces that holds various human emotions, a journey that introduces you to different emotions with the help of architecture.

There is no site, function, or area (size) specificity. Feel free to explore various methods of designing a sensory museum that integrates one’s body with architecture.

“There’s so much room for building designers today to be more sensitive to the emotional and sensual impact of their work. For decades, soulfulness has been absent from most new buildings as the cerebral has been prioritized over raw human experience. But perhaps there’s now space for a new sensibility, closer to that of the original master builder? The world is utterly desperate for soulful, meaningful places that balance intellectual creation with a humanistic affinity for materials and tactility.” -Thomas Heatherwick

This competition aims to understand the importance of sensory architecture and its affect on human psychology.

1. Define the context – location.
2. Design a museum that uplifts your senses.
3. Participants are free to choose the site, area and functions for the museum.
4. Define how visitors interact with the proposed design in graphical representation.
5. Name your Museum– A design title.

“Textures, surfaces, skins, details are essential. And the body is central. Without any particular form, the space is only referring to the human body. Architecture becomes tactile and space is dancing for the body.” – Odile Decq


Winners (X3): Bespoke Medal (for 1st Prize), Certificate of achievement + Publication + Interview
Honourable mentions (X3): Certificates + Publication
Shortlisted entries (X10): Certificates


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Date: January 26, 2023