sensory museum


Submission: January 2, 2022
Registration: December 31, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Sensory Museum Design is an International design competition organized by artuminate | archiol. Architecture is best experienced with the senses and so this competition aims at understanding the effect of architecture on human senses. How sensory architecture can resolve human mental issues? How architectural space can transform human senses?

Propose a museum that affects human senses. Create spaces that positively impacts the humans.

Submission Requirements

  • Design description min. 500 words _ (Docx. Format)
  • Presentation Board of the proposed design – size: A1 (minimum 2 boards, maximum 5 boards) – no. the presentation board.
    • Conceptual development
    • Plans, sections, elevations, sketches (3d)
  • Feel free to choose the site location and size.


  • Certificates
  • Exclusive Interview
  • Publication


The competition is open to all designers and design students

Submission Guidelines

  • A zip folder with all the requirements Text (docx./docs. Format), Images (Jpeg./Jpg. Format).
  • Please use the participation code as the name of the submission zip folder.

Submissions to be mailed at submit@archiol.com

  • Subject: SenMus – Your Participation Code
  • Body: Link to the submission (Google drive/dropbox)


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