Seoul Design Award 2024

Submission: 28th June 2024 Registration: 28th June 2024 Location: Seoul, South Korea Language: English Prizes: 144,000,000 KRW

The Seoul Design Award is a non-profit honor that has attracted entries from 62 countries. It is esteemed by international experts as a prestigious platform that highlights the impact of socially transformative designs and celebrates designers committed to their social responsibilities.

We cordially invite designers who are actively shaping a brighter future in our ever-evolving world to partake in the ‘Seoul Design Award 2024 for Sustainable Daily Life’.

– Name : Seoul Design Award 2024 for Sustainable Daily Life

– Theme : Designs for sustainable daily life that aim for harmony between people, society and the environment

– Core Values :

① Public/Shared: Public sector that can be shared with others

② Creativity/Innovation: Creative, innovative problem-solving methods

③ Participation/Cooperation: Open to public participation, multi-sectoral and cooperative

④ Inspiration/Impact: Inspiring and spreading impact

⑤ Sustainability: Sustainable daily life that aims for harmony between people, society and the environment

– Area : All designs (product, visual, digital/multimedia, spatial/system, service/experiential/social etc.)

Area 1) Design projects in all areas realized within the past 5 years

Area 2) Research on design project realization methods

– Eligibility : Designers (Planners)

※ Planners are only eligible to submit in collaboration with a designer. Individual submissions are not accepted.’

– Cost : None

– Submission Method : Submission link will be made available on the Seoul Design Award website (All documents must be written in English)

– Inquiries :

Seoul Design Award Secretariat (Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 18:00 KST)

E-mail : seouldesignaward@seouldesign.or.kr
Tel : +82-2-2096-0056

Date: May 13, 2024