seoul architecture competition

Seoul MARU 2019 Design Competition

Submission: July 22, 2019
Registration: July 22, 2019
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


All submitted documents should be written in either Korean or English. It should be written clearly so there will be no problems caused by interpretation and translation of regulations, guidelines and queries and other documents, in the case of disputes should occur, it shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

○ Unit Standards: Metric system
○ Eligibility
∙ All professional architects (National and International), landscape architecture, urban design, installation art and fine art, etc. art related professionals and public can enter this competition. In case of joint application, a team of up to three(3) members at maximum. One of the member is to registered as representative to register, team representative would be in charge of the submittal of construction documentation for the contracted project.
∙ A juror, a member of the company/ organization that juror belongs to, or other persons concerned are not allowed to participate in the competition.
○ Registration and Submission
∙ Submission
– The work must be submitted online and submitted on-site (or by mail), and must be the same piece of work.
– No changes are allowed after uploading for online submission.
– Only one submission per entrant is allowed.
– All submitted documents should arrive as one package and loss or damage of the package is not responsible by the host.
– Please submit to below submission address for both by person and mail.
– Return of unsuccessful works will be announced later.


1st Prize (One entry)
Prize money KRW 30 mil
Work installation fee KRW 100 mil
2nd Prize (One entry)
Prize money KRW 10 mil
3rd Prize (One entry)
Prize money KRW 5 mil
Round-up(Two entries)
Prize money KRW 2.5 mil each

○ Feasible proposal for varieties of urban activity on Seoul MARU
∙ Seoul MARU is another square in the heart of Seoul.
∙ This square is for everyone to enjoy regardless of generation including various cultural, relaxation, leisure, variety performances.
∙ In addition, not only as a square at the heart of city, unique events can be arranged and used in special time and period.
○ Presenting a plan to utilize Seoul MARU that citizens can have various activities
∙ Nearby the site, it is surrounded by all kinds of business, media, finance related facilities, starting from Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Metropolitan Library, Press Centre, etc. and on the other hand also connected with Deoksugung, cultural heritage and religious facilities.
∙ It is also a place where many people’s daily lives and economic activities are being carried out at the same time. At Seoul MARU, the daily lives and activities of many citizens is to be included.
∙ A plan is needed to explain how to include citizens’ varieties of activities on Seoul MARU and the full usage of Seoul MARU is no doubt to be included in the plan.
○ 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism main exhibition hall and relation to Seoul MARU suggestion
∙ In September 2019, the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism will be held under the theme of “Collective City” in the heart of Seoul – Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture.
∙ Exhibitions, various programmes and global urban research which sharply points out Seoul’s current issue and the near future will be conducted through Biennale. A plan is needed to be established to link the exhibition hall and as one of the Biennale venues.
∙ To share with citizens the meaning and value of the event, and to inform them through the memorable Seoul MARU which we make and enjoy city of Seoul.
○ Design that make use of historical background, identity and surrounding context
∙ Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture was part of Seoul Metropolitan Government “Sejong Centre for the Specialization of Historical and Cultural Space” project, to remove the former NTS building, which was the remnant of the Japanese occupation during the 70th anniversary of liberation in 2015 and to restore the historic value of the place.
∙ Former NTS building site was used by the son of Gojong and the mother of Sungheungbuem, the mother of King Youngheung. However, in 1937, Japanese occupied the Chosun government office, (Chosun Business centre at the time) and from 1978, it was used as former NTS buidling Namdaemun annex site.
∙ Around the site, Deoksugung and Seoul Anglican Cathedral, Seoul Metropolitan Council once was the National Assembly of Korea, the British Embassy and Chungdong Church; Seoul City Hall, Seoul Library and Wongudan with the past 600 years history and time right in front. Based on the understanding of these surrounding areas, it is needed to know the cultural landscape values of Seoul.

○ Public open space
∙ Men and women of all ages, create an open space where anyone can freely come and enjoy space, regardless of time, season
∙ Make the most use of entrance, easy to access and move around
○ Urban platform – feasible space for urban activity
∙ To play a role of a square, offering variety of cultural and artistic activities, rest and play which nearby residents and people who work in offices can enjoy
○ Reflection of Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture’s context and site/ Alternative idea for landmark display
∙ To remain Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture’s architectural concept, it is suggested to harmonize and consider surrounding area such as Seoul City Hall, Seoul Plaza, Deoksugung and Seoul Anglican Cathedral, Seoul Metropolitan Council, Press Centre, and to provide ideas not to undermine the historical identity
∙ Presenting an integrated design than can cover not only the construction and installation of the structure but also the details such as graphic and text, 3D plan including the floor, facade, space.
○ Flexible, temporary
∙ According to fixed period and circumstance, although changes is inevitable, create a flexible space for various urban activities yet temporary.

○ Seoul MARU to be able to provide a space for both leisure and resting
○ A space where urban activities can operate smoothly under strong sunlight
○ A multi-purpose proposal for citizens to enjoy various cultural art, creative activity, leading them to participate and communicate
○ Proposal for securing the recognition of Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture (Seoul MARU glass guardrail, elevator hall, etc, possibility of calligraphy, design pattern, etc usage).

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