Seunsangga Citywalk

Submission: May 18, 2015
Registration May 17, 2015
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes1st Prize Design Contract, 2nd Prize KRW 50 mln, 3rd Prize KRW 20 mln
Type: Registered Architects


The objective of this project is to renovate the deck and nearby public space of Seunsangga Complex to improve the pedestrian environment and connect with surrounding areas of various nature and thereby re-establish a pedestrian axis from north to south through Bukaksan Mountain~Jongmyo~Seunsangga Complex~Namsan Mountain.

Not only is Seunsangga Complex Seoul’s ‘urban·architectural heritage’, it is a compound of history, culture and industry that connects the surrounding area and various activities.

This project will revitalize Seunsangga Complex’s status as a center of pedestrian axis and urban industry by creating a space with new cultural value that will breathe life into the Seun District.


  • any professionals in architecture, landscape design, urban design or other fields can enter. In the case of joint application, a team can have up to five(5) members.
  • In the case of joint application one(1) member of the team must be registered as team representative. The team representative must be the representative of a firm that can provide construction documentation for the project.
  • The team must include at least one licensed architect whose license should be current and valid at the time of registration. The copy of license should be provided with other submission documents.
  • A juror or a member of the company or organization that juror belongs to cannot enter.
  • Drawing Panels
  • Drawing panels consist of six A1-size(841mm x 594mm) sheets mounted on 10mm thick foam boards in landscape orientation.
  • The scale of the masterplan shall be 1:1000 and the scale of the site plan of Phase 1 should be 1:400(rec- ommended).
  • Design Description
  • Formatted for 20 page or less(cover and blank pages are not counted) A3-size(420mm x 297mm, landscape orienta- tion) papers
  • The design description should include the following items. : ­ Design outline and concept description, ­ Site plan. Plans, elevations and sections of main design, ­ Proposals for Seunsangga Complex Revitalization Program, ­ Concept of structural reinforcement design, ­ Other necessary details or contents that are not expressed on the panels
  • DVD
  • DVD should contain image files of panels(300 dpi, jpeg), design description(pdf, high quality print) and other required forms(scanned in pdf). The DVD should be sub- mitted within a case.
Selection of Winners
  • The results will be posted on the official website right after the jury session and winners will be individually informed. The winning entries and prizes are as follows:
    • Prize (One entry) : Phase 1 design contract
    • Second Prize (One entry) : KRW 50 million
    • Third Prize (One entry) : KRW 20 million
    • Honorable Mention (Up to six entries) : KRW 5 million each


Date: April 8, 2015