BIM architecture competition

SIDE BIM Competition

Submission: February 19, 2017
Registration: February 19, 2017
Language: English, German
Location: Austria, Vienna
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1000€, 2nd Prize: 600€, 3rd Prize: 400€
Type: Open


BIM Competition for Austrian Students. This year for the first time the Austrian SIDE BIM Award will take place. This is a competition addressed to all (architecture) students in Austria, which awards the best BIM projects with prizes. Our goal is to give students an understanding of future orientated planning methods. The software independence is an important aspect of the SIDE BIM Award to clarify that BIM is not a software, but a working approach.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter which software is used to build the models, as long as a native file format AND an IFC file are submitted. The evaluation criteria are mainly based on a practical working method and include for example the information quality of the model or the project complexity. These criteria will be verified in several phases by an expert jury of Austrian BIM experienced specialists.
The best project will be awarded with a prize of 1000 €. Additionally, a second (600 €) and third (400 €) prize will be awarded. Deadline is the 19th February 2017!

19th February 2017, 20:00 h

IFC AND native file format *
(* format of the software, in which the model was created e.g .: Revit: .rvt)
The models can be created in any, “BIM-ready” software!
If point clouds are needed for your project, Trimble supports you with the survey. (For clarification of the conditions please send a mail to: ah@side.at)

Level of information
Model quality
IFC quality
Project complexity

1st prize: 1000 €
2nd Prize: 600 €
3rd prize: 400 €

…are going to be published in the “SOLID- Business and Technology in Construction” magazine.

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Date: February 6, 2017