skycity architecture competition

SkyCity Challenge 17

Submission: November 01, 2017
Registration: July 01, 2017
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Place: 6,000 USD, 2nd Place: 3,000 USD, 3rd Place: 2,000 USD, 4 – 17th Place: 1,000 USD each
Type: Open


Our climate is changing, squalor, nationalism and inequality is rising, people are constantly moving into cities and the demand for a better and more sustainable living in urban areas continues to grow. The current ways are very limited and outdated and with the modern technology available we are able to create far better and more sophisticated spaces that could affect the very way of our living in the future …

Sky City envisions a world that purposefully uses it’s technology and communications for the best support of the environment and people, which allows all life to be in thriving harmony together. With the attention SkyCity had in the past, as a symbol of big scale solutions for the future we asks the following questions: “How can we leave our planet more beautiful for the next generations? How can we create a space where all nationalities can communicate as if it were a true collective? Perhaps we can create a progression of the United Nations – UN 2.0? How can SkyCity create a new way for housing and community building that has a positive impact globally? The Challenge is an experiment on how a vertical community in larger numbers of members could coexist in the future.

Established in 2015, BROAD Town is one of the world’s most modern communities. We recognize the need to redefine skyscraper design implementing new technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics and spatial organizations. Along with studies on globalization, adaptability, the digital revolution, environmental impact, and cooperative relations between communities, we see an opportunity to inspire humanity on moving forward on a progressive path. It is a hub that examines the relationship between co-living and community set within the natural world, the skyscrapers and the city.

We hope SkyCity will be one of many expressions of it’s kind around the globe, with each location representing unique culture and meeting its needs, while weaving threads of strengths and inspirations from outside communities, to further produce an elaborate web of sustainable cooperatives around the world. We invite you to co-create SkyCity with us, your submission will help SkyCity define itself!


Everyone is invited to participate, from any part of the world. At least one member of the group must be fluent in one of world’s 3 most used languages:  English, Spanish or Chinese. However all of the entries must be submitted in English. Each team can consist of 5 members at most, but you may also submit an entry alone. Members with different fields of expertise per each team are highly encouraged. We think globally.


J57 the lab of SkyCity is a 200m tall skyscraper with 57 floors. The finished prefabricated modular tower in 2015 soon achieved global focus for the speed of its construction (19 days) & its overall sustainability. Watch J57 being built …


SkyCity is currently unoccupied and contains 17 hollow internal courtyards interconnected by a long spiral bike ramp that ends on the top of the 57th floor of the skyscraper. The goal is to create 17 public spaces that will interact with the future inhabitants of the tower. Afterwards we plan to convert the rest of the tower into an alternative co-housing / co-living complex we call SkyCity. There are spatial restrictions in regards to site, program or size. Each courtyard is 20m long, 16m wide and 11m high with adjacent balconies throughout three floors. Lit by efficient & low energy consumption LED lights. We have selected 6 different categories or themes the applicants must select for their design of their courtyards. The 17 spaces are all the same and their succession is irrelevant. The objective is to provide maximum freedom to the participants to engage the project without constraints in the most creative way. What is a courtyard in the middle of a vertical skyscraper in the 21st century?


April 1st, 2017    Competition announcement
July 1st, 2017    Free registration deadline
November 1st, 2017    Deadline for all entries
December 1st, 2017     Winner’s announcement
February 2018     SkyCity Orientation Week

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