hybrid future

Skyscrapers for the future Mega-cities

Submission: April 15, 2019
Registration: March 31, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


As our cities grow denser, tall buildings are not a luxury any more but a necessity today. With rampant growth of technology, and the density we have to mitigate with – the overlaps between dynamic nature of spaces is now gaining more and more evident form. For instance, restaurants which works as a co working space in the morning, and a club by the night – our lives are full of such examples where the nature of spaces are bending/blending every day. Hybrid Futures ‘19 is an open ideas competition that explores such programmatic ramifications in a much futuristic timeline and high-density scenarios.

The fundamental aspects of work in the coming decades – with a more faster transit technologies, this challenge engages with a skyscraper that serves as both – A workplace (Private & Public) and A fly hub (Public & Private). With decreasing popularity of surface commute (Cars) with slower / unpleasant / space consuming qualities, and lowering costs of air travel with less restrictions, both these typologies are expected to soar in future.

Design problem: How will your idea of a tall building that houses these two evident typologies of today give birth to a more hybrid future?

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Launch: December 17, 2018
Early Registration closes: January 31, 2019
20$ Students, 30$ Professionals, 75$ Institution Access
Standard Registration closes: February 28, 2019
30$ Students, 50$ Professionals, 125$ Institution Access
Late Registration: March 31, 2019
40$ Students, 70$ Professionals, 200$ Institution Access
Submission Deadline: April15, 2019
Public Voting begins: April 16, 2019
Public Voting ends: May 24, 2019
Result Announcement: May 25, 2019

Prize pool of worth 4000$!
First Prize: 1500$ (For students and professionals)
Runner up: 750$ (For students and professionals)
People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)
People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)
Honorable mention x 2 (Students): 200$ Each
Honorable mention x 2 (Professionals): 200$ Each

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