SLEEPING – Alternative Designs for Hotels

Submission: May 01, 2016
Registration: March 31, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: x3 winners /€1000  prize each/ + 14 honourable mentions
Type: Open


The aim of the “Sleeping” competition is to develop a design proposals for the hotel typology, intended as a place to sleep. It is asked to the participants to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of hotel. Recently many initiatives, such as Airbnb and Couch-surfing, have been proposing new interpretations of the function of hotels, developing extremely successful business models.

With similar creative attitude the participants are urged to create an artefact, merging considerable programmatic innovation and valuable design tools. The proposal can be a device, a piece of furniture, an interior design project, a pavilion, a building or a urban plan. Scale of intervention, program dimensions and location are not given and they can be arranged by the participants to better suit their project.


non architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. teams can be formed by a maximum number of 5 people. the registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it.


No scale or location.

In asking for an unconventional approach, we are also providing one. the rules of the competition and its organization will not limit, but rather allow for the freedom to approach each topic as the participant sees fit.

Therefore there are no given site, scale of intervention or exact program dimensioning. Projects can be developed in abstract locations as well as specific places, and they can go from the scale of interior design to urban strategies. Just remember that every proposal should be focused on a very specific condition, showing one simple concept, clearly communicated and fully developed.


The entry periods will be divided as follows:

Early: March 1st – March 31st 45 €*

Regular: April 1st – April 30th 60 €*

*registration prices include vat (value added tax).

The registration fee is per team, regardless of how many members are on the team.

If a team wants to submit more than one proposal to the competition they will have to register each proposal separately and pay an additional fee for each proposal they wish to submit.

For a project to be accepted the team must be properly registered to the competition. all registrations will be done through the non architecture website (nonarchitecture.eu), where you have to create an account, log in and choose your payment option.


Submissions must be done through the non architecture Competitions’ intranet only, before the date indicated on the competition calendar. a log in section will be opened 2 weeks before the deadline. you must log in with your username and password and follow the upload process. no submissions will be accepted by e-mail or any other medium. the submission page will be automatically closed after the submission date and time are reached, not allowing any modifications or aggregations after that, so please, try to upload your project 24 hours in advance so that you have time to solve any issues that might come up along the way (they always do!).


Non architecture Competitions wants to be unconventional also in the way it rewards its participants. there will in fact be three winners. in addition 12 honourable mentions will be awarded. each one of the 3 jury members will select one winner and four honourable mentions.

The prizes are the following:

  • –  Winners (3 Prizes)1.000 euros, publication in the non architecture Competitions books and website, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
  • –  Honourable mentions (12 Prizes)
    Publication in the non architecture Competitions books and website, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
  • –  Finalists
    Publication in the non architecture Competitions books.

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