SocialSQR competition


Submission: August 10, 2019
Registration: August 10, 2019
Language: English
Location: concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Social Networks/Media has given every individual – the power of creating an impact by generating content, sharing information and finding their niche. It let us connect with like-minded people, collaborate and has opened multiple business & other vital opportunities. Social media has been a catalyst that has literally changed people’s lives.

A girl from a pind in Hoshiarpur finds herself on a New York Times bestseller list, selling 1.4 million copies of her first book – Rupi Kaur

From unemployed to world famous author & blogger who started with a simple facebook page “The Humans of New York” – Brandon Stranton


As a lot of you would know – SqrFactor is a social/professional network for the architecture, interior design & urban planning community where architects, students, designers, firms etc. can post their articles, designs; follow each other; Launch & participate in competitions etc.

We at SqrFactor are inviting ideas on how a niche community driven social network be more helpful in connecting with right people, sharing knowledge and most importantly, giving platform to young architects, firms and students who are hustling their way through to make a mark.

Few Ideas that might help you understand our perspective better:

Imagine connecting with someone from a different part of the globe who is finding solutions to a problem you’ve been working on for months. Don’t you think a conversation with someone in your industry could help you find solutions faster, and even learn new techniques and methods?

Working with other influencers in similar community is a great way to grow your own influence too. Once you get the momentum going, you no longer have to spend the majority of your time reaching out to clients as they will seek you out and start pitching their ideas of working together.


SocialSQR Challenge contemplates on the idea of dedicated community network and how it can benefit the architecture, interior design, urban planning community as a whole fostering collaboration and communication.

The participants have to present their ideas for following two questions:

1. How can a dedicated social network for the architecture community encourage architects to create content & become an influencer?

2. The future of community network and how it can benefit the members of the community finding work online. How do you imagine the future to be?

Participants can present their ideas in form of Illustrations, sketches, photographs or videos (1 minute length). All participants have to make two presentation on both above listed questions to be submitted in 10 days each.

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