street museum

Street Museum

Submission: February 15, 2022
Registration: February 15, 2022
Language: English
Location: Open
Prizes: 1,00,000 BDT
Type: Open Idea Competition


In this competition, participants have to design a space on the street where people view their spatial and social environments as a playground of knowledge, a place to see, touch, feel, taste, listen to, socialize with and learn from. A place where they see the world very differently and attach and take different meanings and experiences from and to people, to forms, places, spaces, and things, most importantly the intangible relationship between people and the street. The scale of intervention, programs, and site is up to participants. While designing, participants have to keep in mind that Architecture is the discourse of events as much as the discourse of spaces.


Street Museum
There appears to be a paradigm shift in the thinking behind museums. Its conventional function has evolved and continues to evolve. In traditional museums, learning was accomplished through inert observation and hearing rather than active participation. Architecture is not only what it looks like, but also what it does; from that point of view, can we conceive the street as a performative museum?

As a matter of fact, Streets are the lifelines of any city. If someone wants to explore the culture of any city, the streets are the best place to wander all day long. One can experience this with tea stalls and street food carts even with street artists’ works and graffiti, which has made streets one of the crucial city elements that signify the public life of the place.

Judging criteria

The judging will be based on but not limited to:
– Aesthetics
– Creative approach in idea
– Contextuality of the proposal
– Connection between the concept, city, and people
– Impact on performative art and artists


Number of sheets: 01
Sheet orientation: Landscape
Minimum resolution: 150 dpi
Maximum file size: 15 MB
File format: JPEG/PNG

The submission sheet must not contain any identification of the participant like name, institution, student ID, etc.

Team code must be written on the top right corner of the sheet. (Font: Arial, Font size: 30 point, Color: white/black, transparency: 50%)

A text description of your project must be submitted along with the JPEG/PNG file in the submission portal. (A text field will be provided on the submission page for the text description). Word count must not exceed 200 words.

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