student ideas competition enviromental health equity

Student Ideas Competition: Environmental Health Equity

Submission: December 04, 2020
Registration: December 04, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student Competitions


The Pittsburgh Platform in collaboration with Chalmers University and Carnegie Mellon University launches an Ideas Competition for students within in the fields of architecture and urban planning to submit proposals on how to ensure environmental health equity. This call for ideas aims to push the envelope on how to establish environmental health equity and bring environmental health equity into the center of debate on city planning.

We believe everyone has an equal right to live in a healthy environment and with this open call for ideas, we aim to bring together the best student teams to formulate new innovative spatial solutions to ensure environmental health equity.

We invite multidisciplinary student teams of 3 – 5 students with a minimum of 3 disciplines and led by architecture and urban planning students to participate in the open student competition to formulate new innovative solutions to establish Environmental Health Equity. We believe Environmental Health Equity is essential for our common future and requires new ways of thinking to improve and develop the built environment in more equitable ways focusing on health.

We would like to challenge you to present out of the box solutions that push the envelope while striking a balance between originality, innovation, and achievability. The proposals are required to focus on the design of urban form (i.e. the physical characteristics that make up built-up areas) and/or institutions (i.e. formal and informal rules and norms in society) and urban form), from redesigning homes to shared public space.

We are interested in new ideas how solutions such as tax reforms benefiting the most exposed communities, new technologies and social models can inform spatial design. The proposal needs to be supported by factual data and evidence to make your case and convince us of the impact your idea might have.

Questions to be send to: competition@pghplatform.org

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Date: November 12, 2020