SUPERGAU_What can the countryside offer that the city can’t?

Submission: January 31, 2020
Registration: January 31, 2020
Language: English and Dutch
Location: Austria, Flachau
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


SUPERGAU is an imaginary landscape, a culturally virgin landscape. SUPERGAU needs no buildings, no nostalgia, no tradition. SUPERGAU is a landscape where art is something new, something that still has to find a place, a landscape where anyone can be a viewer and no-one is an expert. SUPERGAU is free of the weight of the city with its programmed cultural spaces, free of museums, theatres, cabarets and salons that have to be filled with target groups. It is free of the concept of public space,

SUPERGAU knows only landscape. SUPERGAU is area. SUPERGAU has forest and meadow landscape, seascape, residential landscape, tarmac and concrete landscape. In SUPERGAU, all these forms of landscape can become stages, scenes of artistic action.

SUPERGAU turns things inside-out, declaring the countryside a cultural centre and the city periphery. Cultural spaces are inverted, and are suddenly roofless museums, theatres, cabarets and salons, without walls, and thus boundless.

SUPERGAU is temporary. Work on and in it will take two years, culminating in a ten-day festival.


– artists, whose approach does not distinguish between city and country side,
who need space, who appropriate and occupy space.

– artistic contributions with no rustic sentimentality, but with a feeling for the often brutal reality of rural areas as economic regions, habitat and cultural space.

– artworks embracing outdoor space as their habitat. Outdoor climatic conditions make artistic forms of expression – such as land art, installations & sculptures, performance, theatre & dance and literature

– particularly suitable. However, SUPERGAU would like to invite also sound art, video art and new media with all their electronic sensitivity, to exhibit outdoors.


The artistic directors can accept into the programme a maximum of 30 artworks (by artists, groups or ensembles) from the open call. Since production costs for artworks may vary widely, according to expenses for manpower and materials, the flatrate contribution provided by SUPERGAU is divided into three categories:
A. € 1,000 to € 5,000 15 artworks
B. € 5,001 to € 10,000 10 artworks
C. € 10,001 to € 30,000 5 artworks

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