Superscape 2016

Submission: March 07, 2016
Registration: March 07, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Shortlist nominees: €2,000
Type: Open


The Superscape is awarded every two years to innovative and visionary architectural concepts. It focuses on the interaction of private living space with urban contexts, viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The Superscape 2016 title Future “Urban Living – Functional Reduction with Maximum Space Gain” opens a field for visionary design suggestions and space concepts which focus on building the urban residential space of the future. Innovative solutions are sought, combining high-quality residences with great space efficiency and the greatest functional flexibility possible. In this context, the changing needs and requirements of urban dwellers for their residences during the next 50 years shall be taken into consideration. The goal is to formulate forward-thinking concepts, to question familiar residential patterns and to risk experiments in design, but also to consider their feasibility, and to check the possibility of realising them within existing building substance and existing urban structures. Furthermore, the subject is highly relevant with regard to increasing mobility and urban traffic  flow within the context of urban planning.


Eligible candidates must have at least a degree (e.g. Master degree, Dipl. Ing.) in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning or design from a university or academy. Multi-disciplinary teams are eligible, provided they have at least one member which fulfils these criteria.


During the first application period, the participants are asked to submit short, concise concept sketches containing visionary ideas on the focus theme of Superscape 2016. A framework programme focusing on the main theme will enable discourse and provide impulses for the submitting teams and participants. The first meeting of the expert jury will take place immediately after the end of the application period, and the nominations for the shortlist will then be announced.

Application materials are to be submitted by March 7, 2016 digitally and completely in standard file formats (doc, pdf, jpg, tif etc) with the reference “Submission Superscape 2016”, either on a data carrier (USB stick or hard drive) or collated into one file and using a file hosting service (e.g. WeTransfer). Images and sketches must be submitted in printable quality (i.e. 300 dpi).

Submissions via a file hosting service must be sent to the following email address: einreichen@jp-perspektiven.at

Data carriers may be submitted in person or via regular mail to the following address:

art:phalanx – Kunst- und Kommunikationsagentur, Neubaugasse 25/1/11, A – 1070 Wien

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