Sweden-Brazil The Innovation Challenge 2015

Submission: October 14, 2014
Registration: October 14, 2014
Language: Portugese
Location: Concept
Prizes: 2x One week-long innovation excursion to Sweden  
Type: Open competition for Brazilian students.

The competition is open to Brazilian engineering students who have completed at least three years of a bachelor’s program, and young professionals with a completed bachelor’s degree in engineering.

The competition will run during fall 2014 and the winners (one first prize winner for Chalmers University of Technology and one for SAAB) will be announced during CISB’s Annual Meeting in Sao Paulo, November 11, 2014. The first prize winners will visit Sweden during one week in spring 2015.

The competition consists of 3 parts: completing the multiple-choice quizzes, witing an essay and filling out the personal profle & personal statement.

Step 1: Knowledge Quiz – Swedish Innovation and Sweden – Brazil Relations
A quiz consisting of multiple-choice questions that assesses knowledge of Swedish innovation and Swedish industry, as well as connections and collaborations between Sweden and Brazil.

Step 2: Logical Reasoning Quiz
Take the second quiz and test your analytical and logical-thinking skills.

Step 3: Sustainable Transportation Quiz
Take the thirs quiz and test your knowledge in sustainable transportation.

Step 4: Essay writing – Smart Mobility: Sustainable Transportation
Apply your in-depth knowledge on smart mobility as you answer the essay question. The essay must be in English.

Step 5: Personal statement – share it with your friends!
This is an opportunity to explain why you should be the winner and why you want to visit Sweden.

Participants can boost their chances of winning by collecting recommendations from friends via Facebook. Learn more about it below under “Screening Process”.

Step 6: Submit academic records
Fill in your personal profile and upload an official transcript of academic records and letter of enrollment issued by your university. These documents should be submitted online. Authenticated copies of official documents in Portuguese will be accepted.

Between each of the competition steps, participants have the opportunity to leave the competition and return when they are ready for the next step. Before leaving the competition, however, it is important to ensure that all completed questions in the question have been successfully submitted. Furthermore, the personal profile needs to be completed before the participant can get his/her certificate of participation and share his/her results and personal statement via Facebook.

Compete for the opportunity to explore Sweden, a country of innovation and cutting-edge technology. The first prize winners will win an innovation excursion to Sweden, where they will have the chance to visit Chalmers University of Technology and SAAB.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 11, 2014 during CISB’s Annual Meeting in Sao Paulo. All winners are invited to attend the high profile event, with domestic travel expenses and accommodation provided by the competition organizers. Representatives from the competition organizers and partners will be present. There will also be a special gathering for the winners, as well as the chance to mingle with university representatives. More information to come!




Date: September 22, 2014