Tainan Axis Transformation

Submission: August 03, 2015
Registration: August 03, 2015
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Tainan, Taiwan
Prizes: 2nd Prize NT$ 1mln, 3rd Prize NT$ 0.8mln, 4th Prize NT$ 0.8mln
Type: Open


The project scope (the area of “China Town”, Chungcheng Road and Haian Road) which locates at the west side of Tainan City. The Tainan City Government is planning to make a comprehensive plan of surroundings, rebuild the streetscape and public space after demolish “China Town”. And via the concept of environmental art, landscapes rebuilt and simplify public facilities to build large open space in old town, then to create a better environment.

The transformation budget of this project is NTD 210,000,000. For seeking an advanced and creative idea, Tainan City Government sincerely invites domestic and international design teams to participate in this project, to submit a creative design, then to witness the transition of China Town area.


This project is to mold the urban landscape, and because the users of public space are citizens, thus the planning and design shall be considered on the side of users and urban planning, and to help arranging works for each stage, such as design, construction supervision, tendering, tendering award etc…, to make this project as expectation and achieve the qualification. And achieve the aims listed below:
a. The project site located on the core of blue and green rings of Tainan City, building a large and open plaza to provide leisure spaces and sunset viewing place for publics and connecting the blue and green rings together, then rebuilding the spot of the city.
b. Via improving partial space of the city to promote the surroundings, making a better quality of life for citizens and promoting the landscape of old town. 
c. To create the transparency of canal landscape and provide water-land multifunctional transfer center then link the culture and nature resource together.
d. Via linking the culture and creative tourist development of Tainan City to create the chance of recovery and build and reduce the offshoring of industry and population in old town.


The design should be based on the Tainan urban landscape and the rich culture deposits. It should also consider the landscape ecology, low-carbon development, environmental protection, etc., and convey a brand new vision.

     ●The china-Town Plaza is located at the crucial intersection of the blue and green rings belts. The building of China-Town will be torn down except the construction of basement-1. The basement-2 will be sealed by sand and stone. China-town Plaza should be, based on the contract designed to be public space open to civil activities, which can harmoniously merge with the design Canal Star Diamond project on the opposite side of Tainan Canal.

●Chungcheng Road connects China-town Plaza with Haian Road Boulevard. The arcades and pedestrians on both sides of Chungcheng Road are too narrow now. An integrated design improving the connections between open spaces should be produced.
●Haian Road is an important ring-road boulevard in Tainan. There are many facilities protruding from under the road and they should be dealt by creative designs to present a quality boulevard.
●To integrate local culture and the civil daily lives, and create a pedestrian friendly environment and lovely urban space.


This project is to be handled through an open tendering procedure, on a “tendering by two-step and tender opening not on a multi-step” basis, to be awarded to the most advantageous tender.


Single or joint Tenderer are both acceptable for this Procurement. The tenderer with qualification A, B, or C, could be a single tenderer or the representative member or member of joint tenderers .The tenderer with qualification D is not allowed to be a single tenderer, but could be the representative member or member of joint tenderers, and the other member shall be the one with qualification A, B, or C. Maximum number of joint tenderers is 2.
A. Certified architect in Taiwan(R.O.C).
B. Certified professional civil or structure engineers in Taiwan(R.O.C)
C. Engineering consulting firm which has registered in accordance with law in Taiwan(R.O.C), and provides civil engineering or structural engineering service legally.
D. Company and organization which has registered in accordance with law in Taiwan(R.O.C)., with the ability of landscape design; Person of Taiwan(R.O.C) nation with the ability of landscape design.

2. Professional subcontractor (the number of professional subcontractors has no limitations ):
A. All Taiwanese and foreign certified architect, certified professional civil or structure engineer, engineering consulting firm , company, entity or person with the ability of landscape design could be a professional subcontractor.
B. Notarized or certified professional subcontractor agreement is required.(If it is written by foreign language, notarized or certified Chinese translation is also required).The achievement of professional subcontractor could be considered in the tenderer’s scores.
C. After the announcement of this procurement, the professional subcontractor(s) of the winning tenderer shall not be altered without the consent of the Entity. 3.The stage one is documentary evaluation of preliminary planning. Those shortlisted tenderers(at most five) can participate in stage two evaluation and shall offer presentation and answering on site, at Tainan Taiwan.


Publish the information of tendering: end of May 2015
Submit tender document deadline: middle of July 2015
Evaluate for tenderers’ qualification: middle of July 2015
Evaluation Meeting: early August 2015
Evaluation Meeting: end of September 2015


the second prize winner : NT$ 1 million incentive money
the third prize winner: NT$ 0.8 million incentive money
the forth to fifth prize winner: NT$0.5 million incentive money

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