Taipei City New SkyRider (Elevated Bike Path) International Competition

Submission: May 24, 2016
Registration: May 24, 2016
Language: English, Taiwanese
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Prizes: x5 –  Prize: US$23,000
Type: Open


The New Taipei City government cordially invites outstanding Taiwanese and international design teams to creatively combine urban design, smart and low-carbon systems, and urban ecology, and structure aesthetic and submit their innovative and visionary design proposals for the New SkyRider project.

The design of the clean, safe, and convenient transport network should integrate the parkway, including the 10 meter-width pedestrian open space beneath the elevated New SkyRider, public area, and space beneath the elevated highway. New Taipei City looks forward to a revolutionary design for its newest landmark and new vision for sustainable and urban living.

The New SkyRider, a system of elevated bike paths, was proposed by the New Taipei City government in 2015 in response to the global trend towards low-carbon lifestyles. This major urban development plan will create a green network of bike paths in the heart of New Taipei City, linking the densely populated districts of Xinzhuang and Banqiao on the north and south sides of Dahan Creek, and expand outward to connect other areas. By promoting the development of low-carbon transport systems and industries, this project seeks to encourage people to commute by bicycle and provide a high efficient and convenient transportation choice.

The route of New SkyRider starts from the intersection of Section 3, Zhonghuan Road and Section 4, New Taipei Boulevard in Xinzhuang District in the north, extends south along the 60-meter wide parkway of Section 3, Zhonghuan Road (Provincial Highway 65), and spans Dahan Creek to connect with existing riverside bike paths in Banqiao District.

Construction Expense:
About NT$2,280,000,000. (Approximately US$ 70,150,000.)

The planning and design service fee for this project is a fixed fee in the total amount of about NT$ 126,000,000. (Approximately US$ 3,880,000)

Tender Qualification:(Stage One)
Taiwanese tenderer:
A Taiwanese tenderer is either an engineering consultancy, licensed architect firm, licensed civil (structural) engineer firm, or company/firm registered in Taiwan, R.O.C. in accordance with Taiwanese’s law.
International tenderer :
An International tenderer is either an a professional technical engineering consultancy or agency, licensed architect firm or licensed architect, licensed landscape architect firm or licensed landscape architect, licensed civil (structural) engineer firm or licensed civil (structural) engineer registered in foreign country in accordance with foreign country’s law.

Stage One Tender Submission Deadline 2016/05/24
Stage One Jury Session 2016/05/26 ~ 2016/05/27
Stage Two Tender Submission Deadline 2016/08/09
Stage Two Jury Session 2016/08/11 ~ 2016/08/12


Stage One:
No more than FIVE Shortlist Tenderers shall be selected to enter into the Stage Two.

Stage Two:
Except for priority price negotiation right and contract awarded tenderer, each of the Shortlisted Tenderers submitting the Stage Two Proposal Documents, Presentation Attachment Materials (including Design Drawings, Model, and 3D animation) and conducting the presentation and Q&A shall be awarded a prize of NT$750,000. (Approximately US$23,000.) In principle, the awarded prize shall be received by representative tenderer. The above prizes will be subject to the R.O.C. income tax and will be withheld by the Agency in accordance with the tax law of R.O.C.

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