tallinn vision competition

Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2017 Vision Competition

Submission: April 25, 2017
Registration: April 25, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: 4.000€, 2nd Prize: 2.000€, 3rd Prize: 1.000€
Type: Open


Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 has announced TAB 2017 Vision Competition, offering architects, scientists and artists the chance to define a new urbanity of the Paljassaare Peninsula in Tallinn in the era when no ecosystem is unaffected by human action.

The deadline for the one-stage international competition is 25th of April 2017. TAB 2017 Vision Competition challenges participants to rediscover potential connections between the artificial and natural landscape of Tallinn by addressing the relationship found in the Paljassaare Peninsula between land and coast, development and conservation, wastewater treatment and protected ornithological areas. The participants are asked to propose design solutions with a clear interest in experimentation and engagement with emergent digital design or biotechnologies.

TAB Vision Competition has been a regular part of the biggest architecture event in the region since the Biennale was launched in 2011. The vision competitions are organised in cooperation with Tallinn City and always focus on an area of Tallinn in need of new ideas or development. The 2017 brief has been proposed by biennale head curator Claudia Pasquero together with the assistant curator for architecture and urbanism Alice Buoli.

The jury of the competition is composed by Rachel Armstrong(Newcastle University), Liam Young (SCI-Arc), Claudia Pasquero(Bartlett UCL / ecoLogicStudio), Veronika Valk (Estonian Academy of Arts) and Toomas Tammis (Estonian Academy of Arts).

Vision Competition Jury member Rachel Armstrong from Newcastle University says the competition invites architects to imaginatively and practically engage with this site situated within the contrary realms of post industrial landscapes, shifting ecosystems and new locations that can accommodate our growing population: “The provocation to re-articulate a third millennial relationship between human and non human, landscape and building and the character of the natural environment, sets the scene for a biourbanism with the potential to reinvent the way we live and inhabit our world. Potentially we may even be able to imagine how metropolitan developments may augment the liveliness of our living spaces, rather than depleting them.”

Claudia Pasquero, Head Curator of TAB 2017 and member of the Vision Competition Jury: “With this competition we are collecting visions for the future expansion of Tallinn into the Paljassaare Peninsula, a prototypical Anthropocene landscape where urban waste water treatment and ornithological diversity overlap and clash. The Vision Competition calls for new hybrid scenarios represented as simulations of potential future coexistence. Proposals should be in the form of short videos or simulation frames where spatial articulation is a clear function of time. All kind of simulation methods are welcome from the most abstract digital computation to analogue material experiments. A specific set of data is provided upon registration and participants are invited to engage with this information as starting point for their simulations.”

The Vision Competition challenges participants to consider Paljassaare as a potential hinge point and interface of new local and international dynamics which include distributed economies of production, heritage as a process, tourism as material practice.


Deadline for submission of competition entries is 25th of April 2017. Selected winners will be announced by the end of May 2017 and will be invited to take part with their submissions to the Curator Exhibition and will be invited to the Symposium in September 2017. All submitted projects will be exhibited as part of TAB 2017 BioTallinn.

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