Submission: March 30, 2016
Registration: March 21, 2016
Language: English, Italian
Location: Milano, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize & 2nd Prize: trip to Japan
Type: Open


The goal of this competition is to create new scenarios of the cultural exchange between Italy and Japan in the world of sustainability. This first edition aims to encourage the design of objects of sustainable design in order to test the use of raw ear, using, among others, Japanese techniques of polished finish.

Projects from industrial, interior or product design are accepted.
Each kind of material can be used, nevertheless earth must be one of the materials in all of the project applications and construction techniques. The function of the object should be compatible to earth material, paying particular attention to its specific characteristics.
Documentation about earth finishes (japanese and other) can be downloaded from the competition website www.terramigakidesign.wordpress.com


The competition is open to everyone. Participants, if in team, must designate a leader who is liable to the organisation and is the single owner of the prize. Each participant can submit only one project.
The Competition is either not open to: jury member and their family members, Governing Council members of all promoters, persons have working relationship with the jury members during the time of the competition.


Participants must present the project sending the following document to concorso.terramigakidesign@gmail.com on a single email of max 5MB, with the title of the project as object.
Documents to be attached:

– a drawing Pdf in A2 format (420×594 mm) with renders or drawings that show the final project, construction details of the assembly system, a breef description of the project in italian and english. The layout must be downloaded from the competition website (concorso – download)

– a report explainig the function of the object, the industrial or artisanal construction method, how the requested criteria are respected, in Italian and English of max five pages; it may also include images and render.

If they want to partecipate to the final exposition at Fuorisalone 2016, participants have also to submit:

– the same drawing A2 format uploded in the competition website, printed on forex A2, 3 mm thick – possible prototype, which can also be completed (in japanese earth finishes) by participating at the workshop held at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, the 8-10 april 2016.

It is prohibited to write the name of participant on the documents; the projects are identified by the project name. The same name must be entered in the prove of payment (reason for payment) and in the submission form.


For the submission please fill the form in the competition website (concorso – iscrizione), then send an email to concorso.terramigakidesign@gmail.com attaching:

    • –  payment
    • –  the declaration to indicate the leader of the group signed by all group members, if necessary

– presenting the submission within the 21st of February 2016 the payment is 60,oo €
– presenting the submission within the 21st of March 2016 the payment is 90,oo €
Under no circumstances this will be paied back

Data payment by bank transfer
beneficiary of the transfer: ANAB
IBAN: IT 40 W 02008 11220 000100461946


The 25th of March 2016 is the deadline to send the required materials by mailing them to concorso.terramigakidesign@gmail.com.
– drawing A2 format and report (art.3)
The same day is the deadline to delivery the drawing A2 format printed on forex 3 mm, at the adress indicated on the website (optional and not mandatory)

The 11th of Aprile 2016 is the deadline to delivery the prototype at sala Messina 2-Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, 20154 Milano (optional and not mandatory). Prototype will be selected for the exposition during the Fuorisalone 2016.


The results of the Competition will be announced to the authors during the conference the 13th of April 2016 at Fabbrica del Vapore, after the exposition of the projects to the Fuorisalone2016, and will be published on the Competition web site.


The first three classified will be awarded. Jury may assigned, at its discretion, honorable mentions.

First place:
– trip to Japan to visit raw earth architecture and to discover culinary excellences. (Organized by Prefecture of Mie, Japan and company SOU-CIKU-SIA) 1 – big trowels japanes kit
Second place:
– trip to Japan to visit raw earth architecture and to discover culinary excellences. (Organized by Prefecture of Mie, Japan and company SOU-CIKU-SIA) 2 – small trowels japanes kit
Third place:
– big trowels japanes kit

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