Submission: February 23, 2016
Registration: February 18, 2016
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: € 2,500, 2nd Prize: € 1,000, 3rd Prize: € 500
Type: Open


Opengap invites participants to submit innovative proposals to rethink the workspace of an architect. To propose projects that addresses the architect‘s vision of his ideal inspiration and working space.

How do you imagine the place from which other spaces are to be designed? How to address a project in which you yourself are the client?

This competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and to people around the world interested in the topic. Competitors could subscribe individually or as a team of maximum of 5 people.


This competition will be decided in an open, anonymous process in a single stage by a jury. The competition is private and purely academic. The submitted proposals will be part of a virtual exhibition within the OPENGAP web, which will open this debate to other architects and interested individuals.

This competition will be governed by the present program, with OPENGAP and, at a later time, the jury, empowered to resolve all those issues that are not explicitly stated in it. Any decision taken will preserve the principles of anonymity and non-discrimination. OPENGAP’s commitment to the winners is limited to the awards mentioned in this programme. No further contractual relations will arise between OPENGAP and the winners of this competition, as its objective is only the reflection on the topics discussed and does not involve the execution of the projects.


All architects, designers, architecture students and individuals interested in the topic around the world can enter this competition of ideas. Proposals may be presented individually or as a team of up to 5 people max.
Only one proposal may be presented for each registration made. Each competitor or team may present as many projects as registrations completed, since each proposal is assigned a different REGISTRATION NUMBER.
The following are prohibited to enter this competition: any member of the jury, or regular partners, employees or relatives up to second- degree of them, employees of OPENGAP or architects with any type of contractual relationship with that company before the registration deadline for the competition.


The awards will be the following:

– 1st Prize, € 2500 Two thousand five hundred Euro
– 2nd Prize, € 1000 One thousand Euro
– 3rd Prize, € 500 Five hundred Euro
– Mentions, Mentions will not have an economic prize. The jury may name as many proposals as they consider worthy to be mentioned.

The award amounts will be paid through wire transfer or Paypal to the designated bank account.


The submissions will consist of 2 digital images .jpg with the following characteristics:
Digital Image Format: JPG.

Color Mode: RGB
File Name: Registration number + letter A or B (AR1234_A.jpg) Maximum size: 4 Megabytes per image.
Dimensions: rectangular in horizontal format. To be printed in DIN A2 size (59.4 X 42cm).

• Given these parameters, the minimum font size included in the proposal text should be 10 points.
• It is allowed to use any technique or form of graphic expression to explain the proposal.
• Any description in wording (or numbering) should be included within the submitted images in English or Spanish only.
• No other documentation may be sent except for the 2 digital images.
• No logo, trade mark, insignia or any identifying symbol may be included in the images. The only identification should be the registration number, which must appear on the upper right corner of the image.
Note: The jury will review the proposals displayed on a computer screen and images will be projected to a size of approximately 120 x 84 cm at the jury session.

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