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Submission: May 08, 2017
Registration: May 08, 2017
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


PIAM is an international architecture contest for professionals and students who use Fiandre Iris Ceramica Group materials to develop a project concept or submit a project prepared previously which have been changed with use of Fiandre Iris Ceramica Group materials. This third edition of PIAM focuses on reflection about: “THE ARCHITECTURE OF BALANCE”.

Holistic well-being is an increasingly widely accepted concept in today’s society, as we realise that we need to take care of our bodies just as we keep our minds trained; the two are parts of a single indivisible whole. Many architectural spaces are partly or entirely dedicated to the attempt to achieve this balance: sports facilities, gyms, alternative treatment centres, spas, wellness hotels, beauty centres and so on, as well as centres dedicated entirely to health and medical treatments. But we are confident that there are still many ways of exploring this field of architecture and interior design.

To give contestants an idea of some of the types of building that may be admitted to the contest, a list of examples follows.

Mens sana… Places for reflection, study and care of the mind. .

Educational centres.
Spaces for meditation-reflection-study.
Religious spaces.
… in corpore sano. Spaces dedicated to the body and to physical wellbeing, considered in terms of recreation or medical care.

Sports facilities.
Alternative treatment centres.
Beauty centres.
Medical centres: health centres, clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices.
Without excluding projects combining both of the above aspects:

Wellness hotels.
Day care centres for seniors.
Educational centres for boosting mental and physical development.
All other projects which may reasonably be considered to respond to the criteria identified in the contest rules.

This contest is supported by the  Fiandre Iris Ceramica Group.


Professionals: Architects, engineers, interior designers, designers…
Multidisciplinary teams of architects, engineers, interior designers, designers …

Students: Students of design, interior design and architecture…
Multidisciplinary teams of students of design, interior design and architecture…

Contestants may enter individually or in groups of up to 5.

There is no entry fee.


Prize for Professionals:
1st Prize. €3,000 ( Net three thousand euros )
2nd Prize. €1,000 (Net one thousandeuros )
1st Honourable mention. No cash prize.
2nd Honourable mention. No cash prize.
Prize for Students :
1st Prize. €1,000 ( Net one thousand euros  )
2nd Prize. €500 ( Net five hundred euros )
Prizes will be officially announced and presented in person to the contestant or group representative identified at the time of registration, at an awards ceremony to be held in the month of June 2017 ( date to be determined ).