beach cinema design competitions

The Beach Cinema Design Competition

Submission: August 29, 2018
Registration: August 29, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The Beach Cinema competition is open to architects, students of architecture, recent graduates, and associated disciplines from around the world. CYSOA is looking to continue investigating the coastline of Geroskipou over the next year.  The winning design will be constructed on Geroskipou Beach in consultation with the local municipality.

The essential programmatic need is to provide a 25 seater outdoor cinema, however additional programs, material concerns, and aesthetic results should be decided by individual participants.  Entries may be from individuals, or teams of up to 5.

The submission requirements for the competition are simple, and should rely on single immersive images to explain the design scheme. Costings and technical drawings are not required.

Identification: After registration please decide on a 10 digit number which will be your ‘Unique 10 digit identification number’ (you are required to invent this number yourself) Please put this on the top right of your board so that we can identify your entry after the jury has taken place.

Language: English

Technical Information

Budget: €10,000 not including electrical installation

(this may be increased if the entrant wishes to engage external sponsorship).

Area (Footprint): 100m²

Height: At the discretion of the entrant

Registration Deadline: Wednesday 29th August @ Midday UTC+2 (Local time Cyprus)

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 29th August @ Midday UTC+2 (Local time Cyprus)


The winning entry will be constructed after consultation and agreement with the Municipality.

All entries will be exhibited at the Municipality Gallery in Geroskipou at an open public event.  The entries will also be published in-print and online.

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