brno architecture competition

The Brno Trade Fairs and its Surroundings

Submission: August 21, 2017
Registration: August 21, 2017
Language: English, Czech
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The subject of the competiiton is an urban design idea proposal for the Trade Fairs Brno site and part of the Brno wateworks connected to adjacent terminal and Riviera recreation area, which will show new way of using the development areas and the possibilities of the better integration of the complex to the city organism. The proposal in the scope of the urban study will be processed on the entire territory in accordance with the competition brief (see document P01). During the designing it is necessary to respect the generous urban concept of the Trade Fairs site based on the clearly structured public spaces surrounded by exhibition pavilions with great architectural value.


The competiton goal is to obtain quality urban proposals which will be the basis for spatial planning documention change. The proposals should have a unifying concept, long-term sustainability and should naturally and functionally integrate the site into the city organism. The announcer wants to obtain a solution that will strenghten and improve exhibition and congress function of the site and find new functions for currently unused parts of the complex and improve the openess of the area to the public.


Total amount of prizes, rewards and reimbursement in competition is set at the sum CZK 5.550.000 (by words: five millions five hundred and fifty thousand Czech crowns).
First prize is set at the sum CZK 2.000.000 (two millions Czech crowns)
Second prize is set at the sum CZK 1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand Czech crowns).
Third prize is set at the sum CZK 1.000.000 (one million Czech crowns).
For proposals that did not receive any prizes but have brought remarkable partial ideas and solutions is set amount and reward at the sum 550.000 CZK (five hundred and fifty thousand Czech crowns).

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