Submission: January 29, 2016
Registration: January 29, 2016
Language: English
Location: Ostend, Belgium
Prizes: 5 selected teams will reside in Ostend for a week + workshop
Type: Open


This design competition sets out in search of an innovative type of beach infrastructure and an image quality to enhance the beach experience in the 21st century. The design competition specifically looks for a way to enrich the beach experience outside of the summer season.

A new walkway on the beach could give residents and visitors the chance to enjoy the Ostend coastline during the fall and winter months. The design competition aims to develop both a visual language and strategies to improve the image quality of the historically renowned Ostend seafront. In addition, this beach walkway could grow into a striking bit of (landscape) architecture, allowing the walkway to develop into a tourist attraction in its own right.

The design competition in Ostend is aimed at young professionals and innovative design practices within the field of (landscape) architecture and urban design. This includes architects, urban planners, landscape architects, construction engineers, sociologists, communication experts, … Each team may have a multidisciplinary makeup, but must have at least one certified architect. A multidisciplinary composition of a team and support from a construction engineer are encouraged.

The competition aspires to investigate how a new type of beach infrastructure can contribute to greater enjoyment of the beach and the coast. In general terms, following a survey of image-defining elements, an investigation is launched into how a beach walkway may contribute to an enhanced image quality for the beach and seafront by means of synergies and spatial strategies at the programme level. The design examines how the beach passageway can operate as a micro connection, a local link that may contribute quickly and efficiently and in a relatively low-cost manner to the spatial quality and beach experience. The designs look into how this infrastructure can enhance the image quality of the coastal area, possibly in conjunction with the cabins, surf club, and/or the beach bars and other seaside infrastructure. The design searched for the ideal location of the walkway, taking into account the path of the shadows cast upon the beach by the high-rise buildings along the seafront, but remains above the level of TAW + 6.00. The designers demonstrate how the beach promenade can form the final element to the Green Ribbon. The team clarifies how the design is to be maintained, and estimates the maintenance frequency. The designers propose an assembly plan and illustrate how materials can be transported and stored. Lastly, the team formulates recommendations for participation.


Phase 1: Preselection
  • 16 November 2015: competition launch, opening of the website, and release of data necessary to generate applications.
  • 29 January 2016: deadline for the reception of all applications (A3, digital) via e-mail and preselection by technical committee. 
  • 01 February 2016: announcement of the teams 
Phase 2: Design workshop with the selected teams

5 selected teams will reside in Ostend for a week to work on their projects.

11 – 18 March 2016
  • day 1:                      information on partners, stakeholders, and site visit
  • day 2-5:                  development of strategic designs, assisted by the coaches
  • day 6:                      the 5 teams make their presentations to the jury. The jury provides feedback
  • day 7:                      the teams finalize their designs
  • day 8:                      the 5 teams present their designs. Public debate with jury members. Winner selection. 


5 selected teams will reside in Ostend for a week (11 – 18 March 2016) to work on their projects.
Each of the 5 selected teams will receive a fee of 3,500€ incl. VAT to participate in the workshop.
Free lodging is provided by the city of Ostend during the workshop week.
The winning team shall be selected as special advisors to the city of Ostend up to a value of 40,000€ incl.


Designer candidates submit their proposal, at the latest by 29 January 2016, via ostendbeachwalk@stad.oostende.be

For phase 1, the teams submit an application form, professional certifications, and photo identities to be eligible for selection. On the basis of the criteria below, the best 5 teams will be invited to phase 2. 

The application form, a single pdf file, consisting of multiple pages containing the following: 

* TEAM: describe the composition of the multidisciplinary team, including a brief statement or presentation of the team, the name, workplace, and brief bio/CV for each team member. (min. 1A3) It should also be apparent from the description that the applicant has sufficient manpower to effectuate the various duties in a continuous and smooth manner. He will also indicate the project leader. This project leader is the point of contact for the instructing party. As indicated above, the team must have at least one certified architect.

* OWN WORK:present a selection from your own work (at least three projects) which you consider relevant within the theme of the beach walkway and seafront image quality, or illustrating the team’s design attitude. (at least 1 A3 sheet)

* OTHER WORK: present a selection of (at least three) international design projects investigating the relationship between architecture, landscape design, and the beach experience in a manner with which your team can identify. (at least 1 A3 sheet)

* REFLECTION: develop an initial speculative reflection highlighting your specific approach and team vision. The use of both text and imagery is encouraged. (at least 2 A3 sheets). This pdf file may contain at the most 6 A3 sheets, and have a maximum size of 35 MB.

The professional certifications, a single pdf file consisting of multiple pages documenting the most recent and highest professional level of each team member. This pdf file may have a maximum size of 5 MB.

The photo identity, a single pdf document containing digital copies of a valid proof of identity (identity card, passport, driving licence, …) of each team member. This pdf file may have a maximum size of 5 MB.

The educational and professional qualifications of the candidates will be assessed by a technical committee. The following point system will be used in this assessment:

team composition (25 points)
own references (25 points)
other references (25 points)
reflection (25 points) 

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