The Classroom of the Future: Next-Gen Learning Space

Submission: July 25th, 2023
Registration: July 25th, 2023
Language: English
Location: Worldwide
Prizes: $2000 USD
Type: Open for All



As technology and the ways we learn continue to evolve, traditional classroom designs have become increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of modern learners. The Classroom of the Future competition aims to inspire designers to think outside the box and reimagine what a classroom could look like. By incorporating technology, flexible furniture, and adaptable spaces, participants will have the opportunity to explore new approaches to learning that prioritize collaboration, engagement, and innovation. This competition encourages participants to think creatively and push boundaries to create designs that address the changing needs of learners in the 21st century.


Traditional classroom designs are often outdated and inflexible, which can result in decreased engagement and reduced learning outcomes. For example, rows of desks facing the front of the classroom are no longer sufficient to support the collaborative, interactive learning that is becoming increasingly important in modern education. Additionally, many classrooms are not designed with accessibility in mind, which can create barriers for students with disabilities. The Classroom of the Future competition aims to address these issues by challenging designers to create innovative learning spaces that are adaptable, accessible, and engaging for all learners.


The Classroom of the Future competition aims to create innovative and adaptable learning spaces that prioritize technology, flexibility, collaboration, and sustainability. The design should consider the comfort, safety, and accessibility of learners and encourage engagement and interaction among students and teachers. Participants are encouraged to think creatively and explore new approaches to learning that improve learning outcomes and make learning environments more effective, efficient, and enjoyable for all learners.

Site requirements:

– The learning space should be located in an urban or suburban area with easy access to public transportation and other amenities.
– The site should be large enough to accommodate a classroom, storage areas, and other necessary facilities.
– The site should be accessible to learners of all abilities, including those with disabilities.
– The design should take into account the natural lighting and ventilation of the site and prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.
– The learning space should be designed to minimize distractions and noise from outside sources, such as traffic or other activities in the building.
– The design should incorporate cutting-edge technology that enhances learning outcomes, such as interactive displays or virtual reality tools.
– The furniture should be adaptable and flexible to allow for different types of learning activities, such as group work or individual study.
– The design should prioritize safety and security, including fire safety, emergency exits, and security measures for the protection of learners and teachers.

Submission Requirements:

– 2 x A1 Sheets explaining the value proposition or the design (each PDF with at least 150dpi – Max. 20 MB)
– An optional 1-2 min Video explaining your design/concept (content in the video has been left to the participant’s consideration)
– Participate in teams of 1-3 Individuals (Multiple Registrations Allowed using different Email IDs and Phone Numbers)
– The final PDF must be named ‘team-.pdf’ (for example, team-1234.pdf if your team code is ‘1234’) and should be uploaded on Google Drive/OneDrive only with ‘Public Access’
– The final video must be named ‘team- | Seek Fanatic Competition #sfclassroom and uploaded as an ‘Unlisted’ video on YouTube (Choose ‘Mark as not made for kids’ while uploading)
– The content in sheets should be free of any plagiarism (except collages and human cutouts in renders)
– Submitted content must not include any information which exposes details of the participant or the region the participant resides in
– Seek Fanatic logo must be postfixed to the video for 3 seconds with black background (Download logo: go.seekfanatic.com/logo)
– Registration must be done on seekfanatic.com only – using the contact information of the team representative.
– Team Number is the same as your Order Number (4-digit code) after payment of registration fees.

Note: Failing to comply with any of the above requirements will lead to disqualification of the respected team from the competition, with a notification email to the registered email id of the team leader.

Schedule & Fees:

Early Registration Ends: June 15th 2023 23:59 GMT ($15 USD)
Standard Registration Ends: July 10th 2023 23:59 GMT ($25 USD)
Late Registration Ends: July 25th 2023 23:59 GMT ($35 USD)
Submissions End: July 25th 2023 23:59 GMT
Results Announced: August 25th 2023

Prizes & Grants:

Winner x 1 = $1000 + Certificate + Publication in our Annual Issue + Blog Post
Runners Up x 4 = $250 + Certificate + Publication in our Annual Issue + Blog Post
Participation Certificates for all teams

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Date: April 25, 2023