dream of century

THE-DREAM-OF-CENTURY Architecture Challenge

Submission: May 31, 2020
Registration: May 10, 2020
Language: English 
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below 
Type: Open


From the beginning of time human as a species dream, dream about better safety, better food and best roof over their head. These dreams which transferred to reality by some enthusiasts in humans from time to time, make us different, make us what we are now.
But the challenges in the beginning of the were safety from wild animals is gone but there come new challenges every day.

We as humans are constantly facing new challenges of upcoming future like human rights violations, issues of race, gender and religion, displacement and immigration from war torn countries, Rising level of Global Warming, Deforestation.

What is your dream for this world?
What you want to see in this world at the end of century?
What is the most tipping challenge you want to solve?
What is the Utopia for you?

Have you asked these questions in your architecture college or architecture practice, have you ever dreamed a world free of the challenges a utopia?

We at Archue want to understand how you as an architect and architecture student Dream the future of our generations.


  The programme is you have to create a Dream Story with not more than 4 Images used with a text narrative in the most spectacular way possible.
You can pick any challenge which is existing in the world or you can hypothetically create any challenge. And you must provide the Solution for the Same Challenge by leveraging Architecture and Design in your Proposal.
*Participants can select any site which will be best suited for their Design or Proposal.
*It can be a hypothetical site accordingly with the Problem and challenge which was selected by the team.


*If you have a referral Code you will get 10% Cashback.

Registration Offer:

You will be provided a referral code after successful registration if someone register with your reference code, they will get 10% refund on every registration of the Principal Amount.

You will earn 5% of Registration Fee for every successful Registration from your reference code.

(Terms and Conditions apply)


The competition is open to all.

No professional qualification is required.

Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).

People who have direct personal or professional relationships with jury panel members or organizers may not participate in this competition.

Participants are free to submit multiple entries, but each entry needs to be registered separately.


• Proposal to be presented on ONE LANDSCAPE ORIENTED A1 SHEET.

TEAMCODE (UIC) to be mentioned on the TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER of the sheet.

• Proposal MUST NOT include ANY INFORMATION (Name, Organisation,  School  etc.)  that may give away your identity.

• All text must be in ENGLISH, with a MAXIMUM  of  250  WORDS for  project  explanation.  Proposal may be presented using any technique of your  choice  (sketches,  diagrams,  3D  visualizations,  model  photos,  CAD  drawings,  etc.). All dimensions should be imperial or metric unit.

• You have to mail your entry to us at submission@archue.com with a zip folder containing your submission in both Jpeg and Pdf format.


• You will receive your UIC through mail at your email id.

*Participants Team code will be provided by Archue once you have completed registration process. Team code is your only UIC (Unique Identification Code).


The competition aims to explore how the participants select and Convey the Challenge which they are selecting.

Use of intelligent and appropriate design interventions with clarity and comprehensibility of planning.

The innovative challenge and Solution to them are considered as having the great impact on the judging criteria.

The evaluation criteria mainly entail participants to think through the basic functionality and navigation of spaces of the structure, thoughtful conceptualization behind design and aesthetics and expressive and evocative presentation.

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