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The purpose of the competition

The Festival of Wood invites open applications to the 10th International Contest (Primal)Chair. The grand jury will select 3 authors or groups of authors who will be presented at the award ceremony during the Festival of Wood 2024.

Participation in the contest is open to all designers, students and authors  worldwide and above 18 years.

When thinking about Kočevsko a picture of magnificent forest landscape with intact nature and diverse animal world with bears, wolves and lynxes emerges in one’s mind. But Kočevsko has another special secret hiding in endless forests as a precious pearl. These are silent in secret remnants of primeval nature in Europe, in fact the few rare virgin forests in Europe. Slovenia has 14 virgin forests, 6 of them are in the region Kočevsko on the surface of almost 219 ha. The largest is the virgin forest Krokar that was put on the UNESCO world heritage list in 2017.

The Festival of Wood invites open applications to the 10th International Industrial Design Contest of a wooden chair as a tribute to the primeval forests of Kočevsko region.


By taking part in this design competition, you get a chance to materialise your design idea in the primeval forest – contemporary human relation. The aim is to create a simple, functional and ergonomically designed chair, which will, in addition to its primary function, raise awareness of the user (contemporary person) about the importance of coexistence between man and nature.



First award:

Money prize 1000 eur (pre-tax) prototype production +  free board costs at the Bearlog Hostel during the Festival of wood 2024 (3 nights) + guided tour to the brink of the virgin forest of Kočevsko + certificate.


Second award:

-prototype production



Third award:

-prototype production





Important dates:


Call for entries: 24rd May 2024

Deadline for entries: 26th August 2024

Selection of winners by the grand jury: 6th September 2024

Award ceremony: Festival of Wood 2024, 17th October 2024, Kočevje


The Contest is invited by

Festival lesa, z.o.o., so.p.

Registration fee

49,00 € (VAT incl.)


Regional Institute for Tourism Kočevsko, Municipality of Kočevje, Kočevski les Timber Management of Municipality owned forests, Gimnazija in Srednja šola Kočevje, Business incubator Kočevje

Judging criteria:

The entries will be evaluated according to the following 4 aspects:

  1. design aspect; innovativeness, functionality, aesthetics, feasibility
  2. material selection; taking into account the use of wood as a primary material
  3. marketing stance; usefulness and market applicability
  4. presentation; clear and high-quality presentation of entry presentation

Every member of the grand jury will evaluate each entry according to one of the five aspects by the individual judging criteria. Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.


The Grand Jury members

Prof. Janez Suhadolc

Architect, designer and carpenter, retired professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana


Prof. Salih Teskeredžić

Architect and product designer, a professor  at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, cofounder and creative director of Gazzda brand, winner of multiple international design contests.


Nikola Radeljković

Founder and member of Numen/ForUse group, artistic director of the brand Nunc and a guest teacher at numerous design schools.




Prof. Rok Kuhar

Architect and product designer, Head of the Industrial Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, cofounder of Studio Raketa that works in the field of graphic and product design.


Primož Jeza

Architect and designer, assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, founder of the design studio PRIMOZJEZASTUDIO, author of the book Interier Primož Jeza 9+1, winner of many design contests.


Doc. Mojca Perše

Architect and interior designer, assistant professor at the Department for Interior design and Vice-dean for Artistic activities at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana, Head of the Laboratory for Creative industries at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana.


Natalija Lapajne

Museum counsellor at The Museum for Architecture and Design, member of interdisciplinary work group for adding the works of Jože Plečnik to UNESCO list, author of exhibitions (Ne)uresničeni parlament, Igra igrače and Niko Kralj.


Tomaž Sešler

Founder of the company Rexdesign d.o.o.. An expert on the works of Niko Kralj, who has revived many of his nearly forgotten creations.


Albin Škalič

Carpentry engineer, CEO of the company Murales.


Andrej Palman

Carpentry engineer, expert associate of Business incubator Kočevje.



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As a tribute to virgin forests in Slovenia we invite designers to apply an idea of a primal chair for the 21st century.


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Date: May 24, 2024