THE LUNCHBOX, re-thinking office spaces in INDIA

Submission: October 31, 2019
Registration: October 25, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


In the early 1990s, the Indian economy saw a major boom in the business sector as a multitude of brands and multi-national companies percolated into the country. The new world of technology and corporate hubs became an integral part of the Indian city life, and a new architectural typology was born. These buildings brought with them not just a new style of architecture, but a certain kind of work culture, and lifestyle.

Predominantly, this model of the corporate office was borrowed from major western influences, whereas in India, neither the architecture was suitable, nor was the work culture familiar. Today, after several indigenous companies built their conglomerates in the country, and after years of evolution in the technologies of corporate industry, around 90 per cent of offices still follow the architecture of the conventional and borrowed office model used previously. Apart from functionality, it serves very little to its user and contributes even lesser to its context.

The millennial era has seen a generation of young adults setting up enterprises; hoping, aspiring, and endlessly planning to ‘own’ than to work for another company. The concept of work is not merely earning a living; it is a quest for chasing passion, and seeking one’s identity.


The main motive of this brief is to design for this generation of entrepreneurs and their aspirations. The competition aims to design a small-scale collaborative start-up business office for young entrepreneurs in the IT sector.

You can download the brief and other competition details at www.archdais.com.

Winners of the competition will be rewarded with INR 200,000 + certificates + publication.

We invite everyone, irrespective of their professions or qualifications, to join the competition and present their ideas.

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