Submission: May 20, 2022
Registration: March 17, 2022
Language: English
Location: Tyumen, Russia
Prizes: 32 500$
Type: For professionals


The purpose of the competition is to develop an architectural concept for the renovation of industrial areas, buildings and structures of the DSK-500 factory, which will create conditions for the development of high-tech industries, the creation of new competitive industries, and the reduction of the gap between science, education and production.

The main task of the competition is to create a strong functional structure that will allow for meaningful effective communication between the residents of the industrial technopark and their partners, recreational public functions, exhibition spaces, research and educational organizations.


Create the architectural image of a unique industrial and technological complex that meets the challenges of the modern world and the goals of sustainable development.
Identify a spatial and planning structure that will allow residents to effectively coexist in interconnection with each other and to increase the level of their activities.


A professional architect, a self-employed person, an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity performing work in the field of architectural and construction design can become a participant in the Competition.
A foreign company or an individual carrying out its activities on the territory of another country can become a participant in the competition, if such a participant / company does not have restrictions on the organization of professional activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.
A participant of the competition can form a team or consortium for the implementation of a competitive project. Such a team may include architects, students of architectural universities, as well as specialists of related professions, whose involvement is necessary to complete the task of the competition.
The contestant must be able to officially conclude an agreement to receive the prize by transferring it to the contestant’s current account.
Applicants who have passed technical selection in accordance with the Competition Regulations are allowed to participate in the competition.

Competition schedule
Competition announcement: 17.02.2022
Registration dates: 17.02.2022 – 17.03.2022
Notification of replies: 3 working days;
Closing date for registration: 17.03.2022
Closing date for project submission: 20.05.2022
Jury sessions: 21.05.2022 – 18.06.2022
Announcement of the results: 20.06.2022


Total prize fund of the competition is 2,600,000 (two million six hundred thousand) rubles, including all taxes and fees.

The first prize is 1 200 000 RUR (15 000$).
The second prize is 800 000 RUR (10 000$).
The third prize is 600 000 RUR (7 500$).

Participation in the winning project implementation

The organizer of the competition, together with the customer, has the right to choose one competitive work among the three prize-winning works of the winners for implementation.
The participation of the winning project is provided as the author of the architectural concept.


Official e-mail of Competition: contest@dsk500.com
Website: www.dsk500.com

Executive Secretary of the Competition:
Sergey Kukarsky,
e-mail: s.kukarsky@wwon.ru,
tel. no.: +7 912 387-29-36
Organizer of the Competition:
WONDER, info@wonder.ru

Date: February 16, 2022