the tree house

The Tree House

Submission: April 29, 2021
Registration: April 20, 2021
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


For many, ” the tree house ” has been one of the first self-managed constructions. In this contest we are going to explore the relationship between the house and thetree, and how these two elements can generate a dialogue. We rescued that first natural impulse to build a house in atreeto have the possibility of revisiting it with more tools. With a newawareness of the changes that society needs to manage.

There is a personality test called “the house, the tree and the person” where representation techniques are studied in relation to the person (HTP test in English), although it is very interesting, what we are looking for in this contest is that the relationships between these elements be explored and innovated.



1st Prize: U $ D 1200 + Exposure in our Media and Diffusion in the Main architectural sites.

Gold Honorable Mention + Exposure in our Media and Dissemination in the Main Architecture Sites.

Silver Honorable Mention + Exposure in our Media and Diffusion in the Main Architecture Sites.

+ Honorable Mentions



08. Jan. – Beginning of Pre-Registration

28. Jan. – Completion of Pre-Registration

29. Jan. – Early Registration Start

25. Feb. – Early Registration Completion

26. Feb. – Normal Registration Start

25. Mar. – Normal Registration Completion

26. Mar. – Late Registration Start

15. Apr. – Late Registration Completion

16 Apr. – Last Minute Record Start

20 Apr. – Last Minute Registration Completion

29. Apr. – Project Submission Deadline

13. May. – Decision of the Jury

20. May. – Winners Announcement


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