.THINK public .SPACE

Submission: June 30, 2015
Registration:  June 30, 2015
Language: English
Location Zagreb, Croatia
Prizes1st Prize 5000€, 2nd Prize 3000€, 3rd Prize 1000€


In 2015 the Think Space Programme is returning in form of a Special Edition under the topicTHINKpublic SPACE. The focus of this Special Edition will be urban public space in the European context.

On this occasion Think Space is teaming up with an ambitious and comprehensive project of revitalization of public spaces in the City of Zagreb Zagreb for Me which is being executed by the Zagreb Society of Architects in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb and City Acupuncture initiative. Within the mentioned project, the Think Space Competition will strive to seek out solutions for present-day public spaces on conceptual and theoretical levels, thus raising visibility and importance of public space as a theme of city urbanity and the project Zagreb for Me.
In accordance with the premises of the Programme founded in 2010 by the Zagreb Society of Architects, progressive thinking about space and architecture is expected of the Competitors conducted through spatial-social experiments, which might be used as a bases for future research, studies, projects and realizations erasing the limits between architecture and associated disciplines.


Professionals and students in architecture and related fields are eligible to participate in THINK public SPACE as individual authors or as a team. We are promoting and welcoming interdisciplinary approach and whoever feels capable of submitting the entry that complies with the competition requirements is eligible to apply. Every individual or team has the right to participate in this Competition with only one Competition entry that has not been published or implemented up to date.

Members of the Jury, their deputies, Author/s of the Competition brief, Competition Custodian, as well as her/his/their close relatives and close collaborators are excluded from participating in this Competition. (Individuals who could have an advantage or who could influence the decisions of the Jury or who have participated in the promotion and organization of the Competition are excluded from participating, as well as members of the Jury, including their spouses, blood or otherwise related kin of first and second degree and all directly dependant supervising associates. Individuals who have participated or have worked on a Competition entry as associates may not submit an entry independently. Individuals who may have, besides designing, another business interest concerning this Competition are excluded from participating if their participation results in unfair competition. Members of the Competition board are excluded from participating in the Competition.)


Graphic Materials
The submission includes
– a maximum of 2 panels format A1 (vertical) containing conceptual drawings, technical drawings, sections, plans, renderings, perspective drawings or axonometric drawings in a scale, that represents the work appropriately.
– Thumb image 1 Image 900 x 900 pixels in JPG format
– Images JPG or PNG 1200×800 pixels minimum.

The Competitors are encouraged to append detailed drawings, photographs of models, other charts, diagrams and texts written in English that describe your project and define the questions that your project addresses as well as the approach and the direction your project takes on the topic of public pace. Representation should be based on the proposed strategy or intervention, and the economical, territorial, physical or virtual implications of the project in public space and time.

Textual Explanation
The submission must include a textual explanation of your design that describes the proposed scenario, location(s), and programme including the development process of the public space project. The text is not to exceed 750 words, in 12 point type. Paste this same text in the upload box during the submission process.

Additional Materials (optional)
Please note that we have the intention to publish the awarded entries in a publication, so we also welcome additional materials, such as videos, models or additional textual material however, submission of these contents is not obligatory, nor shall their submission/non submission influence the evaluation process.

Maximum total file size is 30 MB. Be aware of the size of your files. Files that do not meet the specified requirements will not be taken into consideration.
Please do not include your names in the competition files since this is an anonymous Competition. ID registration number for each entry will be obtained during upload and automatically used to name each electronic file of design entry (e.g. TS0000.jpg).

All entries will be displayed on the competition’s website www.think-space.org.
Accepted file formats are JPG and PDF.

Official Competition Language
Official Competition language is English


April 27th 2015 –Competition start
May 20th 2015 – Questions deadline
June 30th 2015 until 12.00 hours, noon CET – Submission deadline
July 15th 2015 – Winners announced

Participation is free of charge. Registration and Submission of Competition entries is done online through the Think Space web site – www.think-space.org



If by the determined deadline at least six (6) entries are received, that are professionally produced and comply with the Terms of the Competition, the Jury is obliged to award the following Prizes in exact amounts as follows:

I.  Prize  5000 €*
II. Prize  3000 €*
III. Prize 1000 €*

The Jury upon its discretion may also award Special Mentions.
*Gros amount applies to restitutions, taxes and contributions and VAT if the author is obliged under tax regulations.

1. Aristide Antonas, PhD, University of Thessaly, Athens, Greece
2. Ana Dana Beroš, architect, Zagreb, Croatia
3. Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno, ETSAM / The Bartlett School of Architecture, Madrid, Spain
4.Jan Liesegang, Raumlabor, Berlin, Germany,
5. Karin Šerman, PhD, Architectural Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Competition Custodian

Damir Sekulić, architect




Formal criteria-compliance of the entry with the terms of the Competition

Following entries will be excluded from the Competition:

a)     Submitted after the deadline stated in these General Competition Terms
b)     Which do not include appendices stated by these General Competition Terms
c)     Who’s entry content is not in accord with these General Competition Terms

Besides the compliance of the submitted entries with the Terms of the Competition (in regard to the content and deadlines), the Jury will evaluate the Competition entries in respect to the following criteria:

General evaluation criteria:

–       Value, originality and clarity of the concept
–       Advances of thought on current use of public space
–       Spatial and design quality
–       Adaptability of the concept to different environments and locations
–       Successful incorporation of social, ecological, political and economic considerations
–       Integration of multiple levels of design approaches
–       Impactful environmental connections allowing networking and accessibility
–       Possibility and feasibility of realization


By submitting her/his/their entry the competitor(s) agrees to the Terms of the competition and public presentation of the submitted work. The competitor is obliged to keep his work anonymous until the Announcement of the awarded projects. Graphical documentation enclosed with the competition documentation may be used by the competitors for competition reasons only.
The Promoter will by awarding Competition prizes acquire the right to use the material submitted for the Competition and to display, publish and otherwise exhibit all materials in magazines, books, websites and other media to be determined. Designers will be fully-credited when their work is used.

In case of a Competition entry being recommended by the Jury and Organizers as suitable for realization in the context of the “Zagreb for me” project, independent of the awarded Prizes within theTHINK public SPACE Competition, further development and realization of the project will be arranged with the Investor.

Any legal dispute arising from this Competition will be resolved primarily by mediation, and in case of failure to reach an agreement, court in Zagreb hasthe jurisdiction.