tiny spaces architecture competition


Submission: December 20, 2017
Registration: December 15, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Space is a site for human interaction, dealings, rituals, games and spectacles. These actions determine the spatial design to a great extent and the spatial features influence the user and the functions. People focus on the functions of the target space now. Building and design of a space considers the relationship between space and functions.Design with functions is a key point to transform a space to be brand new place.

The function always affects the final spatial form of the design. Spatial types can be identified and distinguished by how clearly its specific function can be recognized in the structural design. Specific architectural requirements and the purpose can strongly influence a spatial design and the functions.

The competition aims for the creative minds to save the space for more.The concept may be related to “everything in nothing” the modern thinkers are now in an movement to create unbelievable utilization of space by means of multipurpose space furniture or elements, making the objects hide when not in use and much more. We have seen ample amount of furniture design in this category, as a designer what else you can do with the trend is the design problem.


Design a space for modular home in a space of 620 sq ft for a MIDDLE-CLASS family of 4 members. Design requirements are


Living Space


Dining space

Kids Room


The design aspect tiny spaces must be achieved. Participants can think on various aspects by which have more functions in given spaces. Addition of more spaces other than mentioned will be given privilege.  Participant can choose any site nearby your locality. The building bye laws of the particular locality may be ignored.

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