Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Trend Area” Station Design Competition

Submission: December 02, 2016
Registration: December 02, 2016
Language: English, Japanese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: Please check details below
Type: Open


Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. have been continuously pursuing “Safety” and providing passenger–centric high quality services. Determining that all passengers should use our lines without any concerns, we are promoting various measures of both hardware & software to reach a “world-top-level” metro. Regarding the renewal project of Ginza Line whose 90th anniversary will come in 2017, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. has been holding a series of design competitions since December 2012, which invites various ideas to make the Ginza Line more attractive.Following the last competition for “Business Area,” the 5th edition of TOKYO METRO GINZA LINE STATION DESIGN COMPETITION will feature “TREND AREA” of the Aoyama-itchome, Gaiemmae, and Omote-sando stations. Tokyo Metro invites proposals widely.

“TREND AREA” where new trends are always being created, attracts many foreign tourists and early adopters. We would like you all to propose the “station design ” and the “favorable user experience” which is forward-looking and anticipating the future after 2020, so that the very experience of using the Tokyo Metro could turn into a “TREND”.


On the “station design” suitable to embody the favorable user experience, includes floors/ walls/ ceilings/ lightings of the platforms (for Aoyama-itchome station, Gaiemmae station, Omote-sando station), the ticket gate area (for Aoyama-itchome station, Gaiemmae station, Omote-sando station), the entrance (for Aoyama-itchome station), following proposals are invited. For the Design range, please refer the Design range plan in Document No.3. To prepare the work, please refer the notes in “(2) Submitted Work Details” in “Requirements of the work”.

  1. Proposals that create favorable and functional passenger experiences at each station.
  2. Proposals for the platform that are unique and practical to each station.
  3. Proposals for the ticket gates as the face of each station.
  4. Proposals for the entrances that connect the underground station to the aboveground city.


  • Advance Registration in the official website of this competition is necessary.
  • There is no requirements of age, nationality, qualification or experience.
  • A group of applicants (individuals, a corporate body, etc.) can apply. In this case, one representative of the group should be nominated, while the other members are registered as collaborators.
  • A group of applicants is limited to maximum 4 members for each group.
  • Following person cannot apply – a) Review committee members, b) Person who belongs to a body of which the review committee member is the chief/ director/ advisor, c) employees of Tokyo Metro group companies (including subsidiaries).
  • An applicant (or a group of applicants) cannot submit more than one work.


●Best Design Award (1 work)
:¥ 500,000
●Excellent Design Award (1 or 2 works)
:¥ 300,000
●Honorable Mention (several works)
:¥ 100,000
●Special Award (several works)
:¥ 100,000
For Best Design Award and Excellent Design Award, extra prize will also be given. The winner of the Special Award will be selected from applicants who do not win any of the above awards.
The Special Award will be given to applicants whose work is, for example, outstanding in some viewpoints like favorable passenger experiences and concrete user images but not developed enough to be actualized, or outstanding in some category of design like lighting design or graphic design. 
Taxes on the prize will be paid by the winner. 
If the prize is to be received through a private bank account, the payment procedure will require the “My Number” information of the winner(“My Number” information is not necessary if you are not registered as a resident in Japan).

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