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Submission: December 20, 2020
Registration: December 20, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
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Type: Open



Research, reinterpret and compose places

The second workshop promoted by the Tresoldi Academy in collaboration with YAC, Fondo Mole Vanvitelliana, Cantiere delle Marche, CNR.

Registrations open until 20th December

Special provisions for the Covid-19 emergency

TRAC – Tresoldi Academy carries out its teaching activity in compliance with national and regional regulations applicable from time to time for the containment of the health emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and is committed to constantly implementing the safety measures and protocols required to safeguard the health of the participants, staff and teachers of TRAC – Tresoldi Academy with the main purpose of continuing to guarantee a quality teaching.

Taking into account the restrictive measures otherwise in force at a regional level due to the DPCM n. 275 of 4.11.2020 and subsequent amendments and the fact that the Workshop #2: Sea can only be carried out in presence, TRAC – Tresoldi Academy informs the interested parties that, in the event that said measures or more restrictive measures will impeach carrying out said workshop from the 15th to 28th February 2021, a different slot date of Workshop #2: Sea will be guaranteed to all those who register. The second date will be schedule by June 2021 with a calendar that will be published on the website tresoldiacademy.com


TRAC – Tresoldi Academy is an innovative educational project, created by STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO of Edoardo Tresoldi and YAC Young Architects Competitions with the aim of offering workshops where young people could be sensitized to the issues of contemporary art, through the creation of site-specific installations that can contribute to enhancing the value of the territories where they are installed. TRAC – Tresoldi Academy positions itself between art and architecture, thanks to which young talented people will have the opportunity to take part in the creative process of one of the most prestigious and appreciated brands of contemporary art: it will be a cycle of training activities oriented to “know how to imagine” (concept and design of an artistic installation) and to “know-how” (the production of the installation).


In its second edition, TRAC – with the exclusive collaboration of Cantiere delle Marche, CNR, and Fondo Mole Vanvitelliana – calls for young creatives to be inspired by one of the most suggestive creative horizons in charm and majesty.

Situated in Ancona – city symbol of the ancient relationship of humankind with the marine environment – the workshop aims at navigating the relationship between the artistic intervention and the natural and cultural phenomena connected to the sea.

Focused on three different locations – the Mole Vanvitelliana, the ancient harbor, and the fishermen’s caves – students will be given the opportunity to think and realize, through a dialogue with Cantiere delle Marche and Edoardo Tresoldi, an installation that may dialogue with the sea.

Through creative experimentation , Ancona’s shores will become – for the workshop’s participants – the scene for a new artistic approach, capable of merging architecture, art, and nature in one unique experience.

The workshop will also give the opportunity to think about the transformation of the opera related to the marine environment. The analysis of the impact of the installation on marine biodiversity, carried out with the support of CNR, will be the starting point to establish an unprecedented dialogue between the installation and the surrounding environment.



ADMISSION The admission to the workshop will follow the evaluation of:

  • curriculum vitae (max 2 pages, A4 format);
  • portfolio (max 10 pages, free format);
  • motivational letter (max 2000 words, in Italian or English);

TARGET  Suggested for architects, artists, architecture students or other similar fields aged between 18 and 35 years old

LANGUAGE Italian – in case there will be international students, an interpreter will be available

WHEN 15th – 28th February 2021

APPLICATIONS Apply from the website https://www.tresoldiacademy.com/

MORE INFO Email: studenti@tresoldiacademy.com

                         Phone : +39 051 3510739


  • 16/11/2020 – Applications opening
  • 20/12/2020 – Applications deadline
  • 18/01/2021 – Publication of the provisional ranking
  • 219/01/2021 – Publication of the official ranking
  • 15/02/2021  –Workshop start


Symbol of the ancient and profound relationship that brings men and sea together, the city of Ancona is one of the biggest harbors in the Adriatic Sea and also one of the oldest ones. A city with Greek origins before Romans ones, Ancona is one of the harbors of the Magna Grecia that maintained the strongest bond with its origins, never adapting fully to the process of romanization that turned it, during the Trajan age, the first port of the empire for the control of the East.

Legends say that it was Diomede, king of Argo, to found the city at the end of its travels after the Trojan War. There are still those who narrate that the entrails of the city – in the undergrounds whose memory got lost – guard the legendary burning mirrors, built by Archimedes to burn the Roman ships during the resistance of Syracuse and then hidden to keep them safe from the enemies. Disputed between the Byzantine, the Lombard, and the Venetian, for the whole modern era the city remained under the domain of the Papal State. Today, it has a stratification of traditions and folklore, expressed during the naval processions of the Sea Festival and the nocturnal bonfire during the Venuta party. This mixture of humans, architectures, and nature is also the workshop’s aim:, to create a floating installation that – from the element that dominates the city – can sail the shores in order to generate powerful and different perceptions, with a special reference to the 3 symbolic places of Ancona:

  • the Mole Vanvitelliana, ex leper colony of the city, now a cultural and artistic representation place, with its pentagonal structure, this island-building represents one of the most surprising places of the harbor;
  • the Trajan Harbor, dominated by its own Roman ruins and overlooking the promontory where the old city is located, it is the penetration point for the city of the Adriatic Sea;

• the Passetto, a narrow and impervious rocky coast, fretted by hundreds of fishermen caves and situated between the sea and the tuffaceous slopes of the Conero Mount: the most magical place in Ancona.


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