Transversal Installation Competition

Submission: 6th November 2023 Registration: 6th November 2023 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Submission: November 06, 2023
Registration: November 06, 2023
Language: English
Prizes: View website
Type: Open


Transversal Installation Competition is now OPEN! How to shorten distances through the creation of a new experience? The answer may be in Transversal Installation Competition! organized by New Arch Competitions in collaboration with TRANSVERSAL – Architecture and Design Festival of Panama. Design and build an ephemeral installation to be exhibited at the Festival in January 2024! We invite students and young architects to design a new way of architecture through innovation and sustainability.

About the Site
The competition will take in “Ciudad del Saber” (City of Knowledge), a panamanian landmark for the enhancement of historical heritage as well as sustainable and people-centered urban development. Its campus offers the opportunity to connect in axes and routes, a series of spaces, attractants, and opportunities.

About the Challenge
Transversal Installation Competition involves designing an ephemeral installation that enables the human experience in sections of open public space, achieving the possibility of bridging distances by activating inactive areas along pathways from one place to another. The installation should propose a rethinking of materiality where sustainable and innovative methods are implemented.

About the Calendar
Early Bird Registration | September 04 – October 04 (hour 23:5 UTC-5)
Regular Registration | October 04 – November 04 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)
Final Registration | November 04 – November 06 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)
Deadline | November 06 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

About Prizes
$300 – 1st Prize
$200 – 2nd Prize
$100 – 3rd Prize
5 Honorable Mentions
5 Finalists
If you want more info, please click on our website: https://www.newarchcompetitions.com/


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