tulum plastic school architecture competition

TULUM PLASTIC SCHOOL: art, wellness, environment

Submission: July 03, 2019
Registration: July 03, 2019
Language: English
Location: Tulum, Mexico
Prizes: 20.000€ + Construction
Type: Open


Archstorming is launching Tulum Plastic School, a built project competition aiming to design an art school with recycled plastic in the mexican town of Tulum. The winner proposal will be built, and also a cash prize of up to € 20,000 will be awarded to winners.


Education, art, cooperation, sustainability, recycling… the current competition will give you a chance to work on several subjects.

This time, Archstorming is partnering up with the NGOs MOM I’M FINE Project with the help of Los Amigos de la Esquina. They both had a dream, they wanted to help other people creating something for those who need it the most. While trying to accomplish that, they met each other. Jonathan Kubben, creator of MOM I’M FINE, was looking for a place to build a school. On the other hand, the NGO Los Amigos de la Esquina, had the place, but needed the building.

The chosen place is Tulum, a beautiful town in the Caribbean coast of Mexico. In this competition, participants will have the chance to design a school that will focus on art, wellness and environment. Three subjects that unfortunately are most of the time forgotten in traditional schools.

We will also have the chance to do something unique. We will discuss about the current problem of the plastic pollution in Mexico. And not only that, but also the main material of the school will be precisely that one: recycled plastic (structure can be built in traditional materials). We have a chance to show the world what design and architecture is capable of, to create something that can be a world landmark for its uniqueness.

Let’s all work together to create a less polluted, more educated world.


April 12th 2019 Registration Opens
July 3rd 2019 Registration Closes
July 3rd 2019 Submission Deadline
July 4th – July 11th Jury Decision
July 12th Winners Announced


When we get to the limit of 500 registered teams, prizes will be:

1st Prize 10.000 € + PROJECT CONSTRUCTION
2nd Prize 5.000 €
3rd Prize 3.000 €
4th Prize 1.500€
5th Prize 500€

10 Honorable Mentions
50 Finalists

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